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Big Brother’s Katie Williams goes public with her new girlfriend

"Owning who I am means stepping fully into my sexuality."
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Big Brother star Katie Williams has debuted her new relationship with Georgia Hull, and penned a powerful message about her sexuality.

WATCH BELOW: Big Brother exes Katie and Max both enter the house

Katie, who starred on this year’s Big Brother, has taken to Instagram to reveal she is in a new relationship, and shared a series of sweet photos of her and her girlfriend.

“My human you are divine,” she began in the caption.

“Owning who I am means stepping fully into my sexuality. Sexuality is a spectrum it’s not black and white, it’s dynamic, it’s fluid and for me it is ever evolving. ⁣

“This hasn’t been easy for me. But I stand strong. We stand strong,” she wrote.

big brother katie williams girlfriend
“My human you are divine.” (Credit: Instagram)

Katie went on to add: “Hundreds of people questioned me during my time on TV. Constant questions, comments and messages regarding my identity.”

“What if I don’t want to be boxed? What if I just lean into what feels right, right now,” she said.

She went on to thank those who have given her their love, support, and guidance, and took a moment to gush about Georgia.

“PS – How cute is my G.”

katie williams girlfriend Georgia
Katie showed off her girlfriend with a sweet Instagram post. (Credit: Instagram)

Katie’s friends and fans took to the comments to share their support, with a few of her fellow Big Brother co-stars chiming in too.

“Beautiful, so happy for you,” Jess Trend commented.

“Proud of u,” Tilly Whitfield added.

“You two are so gorgeous together!!” Christina Podolyano said.

Katie’s ex-boyfriend, Max Beattie, also wrote: “Awesome.”

big brother katie williams
Katie’s past relationship was aired on Big Brother after her ex showed up in the house. (Credit: Seven)

Katie and Max’s past connection played out on Big Brother, after the two were surprised when they both realised they were in the house together. 

Despite the initial shock, the two seemed to be on good terms, and even tried to strike up an alliance, before Max was voted out first.

When New Idea spoke with Katie after she was later evicted from the house, she confirmed that she and Max are “super close” and speak all the time.

“We’ve been close for twelve years now,” she said.

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