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Big Brother’s first winner Ben Williams: Where is he now?

He's moved on from his reality TV days.
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Ben Williams was the very first person to win Big Brother Australia back in 2001. But few people know what happened next for the reality star.

WATCH: Reggie Bird wins Big Brother 2003

After the show finished, he quickly moved into sports commentary before taking on his biggest role as a husband and father. He is currently living in South Australia with his wife Jade Robran and their two kids, Sol, 9, and Harry, 8. 

Ben and Jade, a TV and radio presenter, tied the knot in Bali back in 2008 and lived in Sydney and Melbourne before finally settling in Adelaide. 

Big Brother Ben Williams
Ben Williams won the first season of Big Brother Australia in 2001. (Credit: Supplied)

Ben, 41, is now the director and owner of his business, Players Ink. The company represents professional athletes and media personalities, helping them to build their careers and negotiate contracts.

Ben has chosen not to discuss Big Brother publicly for many years. A former housemate confirmed: “A lot of people think Ben regrets being on the show, but those who know him are aware it is not the case. Just like his family and private life, he just doesn’t feel the need to share everything with the general public.”

Big Brother Ben Williams now
Big Brother’s first winner Ben Williams chooses not to discuss the show publicly. (Credit: Suplied)

When it comes to other winners of Big Brother Australia, not one has shared the same post-show trajectory. 

Season three winner, Regina Bird, has had quite a rough ride since leaving the social experiment. 

The 2003 winner has grappled with becoming legally blind and caring for her son Lucas, nine, who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Reggie also split from her husband Dale Sorenson in 2012 and has struggled with depression.

“When my eyesight was failing … I went through a really bad depression for about two years,” she said. “I couldn’t handle the world. But I got over all that, and now you have to make the most of each day. You have to keep going.”

However, with Reggie returning to the 2022 season of Big Brother, let’s hope her luck turns around.

reggie bird jamie brooksby
Reggie Bird (left) won Big Brother in 2003, and Jamie Brooksby (right) won the series in 2006. (Left: Getty | Right: Bauer syndication)

Another well-known Big Brother winner is season six’s Jamie Brooksby. 

It’s been 15 years since Jamie Brooksby starred on Big Brother. Nowadays, he works as a property developer and divides his time between Melbourne and Brisbane.

“I look after the sales of medium to high-density developments. They don’t condone headbands apparently,” Jamie told TV Week.

For now, Jamie is the proud dog dad to an adorable pug called Dallas but he admitted he’d love kids one day. “I don’t have kids but would love to someday soon,” the Big Brother alum revealed in the same chat. 

Big Brother airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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