Turia Pitt undergoes surgery

The inspirational burns survivor reveals what happened

Inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt has revealed she has undergone surgery.

Taking to her weekly newsletter, the ultramarathon runner and mum-of-one explained she had finally come home after heading to Melbourne for an operation.

Turia Pitt hospitalised
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

The op was to fix a ‘burn contracture’ on Turia’s hand and foot.

‘Basically, my surgeon took some looser skin from my belly (thank you post-pregnancy skin! My surgeon actually squealed and clapped his hands in glee when he realised I actually had a little excess skin to work with for once 😂😂) and used it to fix a burn contracture on my hand and foot,’ Turia explained.

She went on to talk about what that means.

‘It’s a pretty common occurrence for burns patients. Basically, it happens when burned skin tightens and contracts over time, eventually creating tension and pressure on the bones or joint beneath. And yes, not to be a sook, but it’s as painful as it sounds,’ she wrote.

Turia Pitt hospitalised
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

Turia revealed that over the past few years the skin on her hand has been getting progressively tighter.

‘It got to a point where it felt like the tension was going to dislocate the joint,’ Turia said.

Thankfully, it appears that her operation was a success.

‘Maybe it’s the painkillers but ever since the op this week, I’ve been thinking about how pain influences our ability to make a decision or make a change in our lives,’ Turia wrote.

Turia Pitt hospitalised
(Credit: Instagram/Turia Pitt)

‘See, I’ve been in pain from these for a few years now. And yeah, I probably could have dealt with it earlier, but it took my pain getting to a critical point before I actually made the space in my diary and booked in the operation.

‘Isn’t that the case for so many things in our life?

‘Whether it’s avoiding a growing financial debt, or putting off some positive health and lifestyle changes – so often we wait until the situation becomes acutely painful before making a change.’

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