Skinny dip horror: Nudist gets penis caught on fishing hook

A harmless dip turned into a nightmare

A harmless skinny dip turned into a nightmare for a German man after his penis got caught on a fishing hook. 

Swmming in the Kaisersee, a lake north of Augsburg in southern Germany, Herbert Fendt thought his penis was caught on some weeds. He soon realised the situation was much more serious.

‘I cried out to the fisherman ashore shouting “do not pull, do not pull”. I was terrified he was going to try to reel me in,’ he told the Daily Mail.

Fendt swam ashore, snipped the fishing line and took himself to hospital.

‘The doctor could understandably not suppress a small grin when he saw it,’ Fendt said.

The hook was removed and Fendt is expected to make a full recovery.

As for the fisherman, he wasn’t impressed about sharing his fishing spot.

‘The fisherman told me it is not an official bathing lake and he has the right to fish at the spot, which is marked by some signs,’ said Fendt.

‘I tried to explain to him that he should take into account the many swimmers who use the lake, and that I am unaware of any official prohibition to swim here but he did not care.’

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