RIP. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims of Orlando mass shooting

Names of the 50 people killed in the horrific attack on a gay nightclub are released

A gunman has opened fire inside a gay Orlando nightclub, killing at least 50 people and wounding another 53 people, authorities have confirmed.

It is the most deadly mass shooting in recent US history.

The first names of four of the victims have been released by Orlando officials via Twitter. They are Edward Sotomayor Jr., Stanley Almodovar III, Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo and Juan Ramon Guerrero, according to the site.

(Credit: Twitter/@OrlandoPolice)

Authorities are still working on identifying further victims and notifying their loved ones before posting more names to the public.

Dr. Michael Cheatham of the Orlando Regional Medical Center said at a news conference that injured victims of the shooting are still in critical condition at the hospital.

‘On this very difficult day, we offer heartfelt condolences to today’s victims and their families,’ the City of Orlando wrote online. ‘Our City is working tirelessly to get as much information out to the families so they can begin the grieving process. Please keep the following individuals in your thoughts and prayers.’

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