Mum hits out: Stop slamming my boys for having long hair

Long hair; don’t care!

A Perth mother-of-six has taken to social media to defend her children’s right to long hair.

Chloe Dunstan says she doesn’t care if her three sons ‘look like girls’. 

‘Sometimes people tell us it needs to be cut off because it’s too heavy, uncomfortable, too hot or unclean when it’s long; if that’s the case, I’m just wondering why we shouldn’t shave girls’ hair off too?’ she writes.

Adding, ‘Is it because boys are allowed to be more comfortable than girls? And girls should sacrifice comfort for aesthetics?’

And for those who say they are worried about the boys being bullied, Dunstan suggests people teach their children not to bully others.

‘I will never teach my kids that they should change the way they are just to avoid comments from small minded people,’ she said. 

And besides, ‘Why would looking like a girl be a bad thing?’

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