Mum charges family a fixed price to come over for Christmas dinner

What's your stance?

Anyone who has hosted a Christmas dinner will know that it can put a huge mental, physical and financial strain on whoever is hosting. 

Mum-of-four Gemma Andrews has seemingly solved the problem of the family Christmas dinner. However, her approach has sparked outrage online.

Appearing on This Morning, Andrews admitted she charges family members $54 a head to eat at her house on Christmas Day. 

The responsibility of cooking the festive meal has always fallen to the pregnant 33-year-old because her house is the only one big enough to accommodate the whole family.

But having spent years trying to come to some sort of compromise, including urging her relatives to each cook a dish in preparation of the big day, Andrews decided to take a different tact by charging her family $54 a head.

Appearing on the popular morning program, Andrews explained why she had come to the controversial decision. 

‘The very first year I opened my house to everybody on Christmas Eve I got let down by five people and I had so much excess food,’ she said.

‘The year after I tried ‘bring a dish’. Come Christmas Eve, people said ‘Oh I forgot to get it’ and I’m running around trying to find a bag of prawns. It’s more stressful.”

The mum was met with mixed views – with some viewers agreeing with the decision, while others vehemently slammed it. 

‘We’re helping to pay financially for Christmas Dinner – what’s the problem?’ one viewer tweeted.

‘Charging family for christmas dinner is pathetic, don’t care what people says it’s disgusting!! If I invited a stranger around I wouldn’t charge them!’ another added. 

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