Meet Australia’s rich kid of Instagram

The Aussie-based teen who flashes her lavish lifestyle online

Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche… For many, this would be a luxury car wishlist – but not for Clarisse Lafleur.

The 18-year-old has all of them in driveways around the world, ready to take her on thousand-dollar shopping splurges or to elite parties.

And thanks to Instagram, we poor folks can watch every buy!

(Credit: Instagram/clarisselafleur)

‘I joined Instagram two years ago,’ Clarisse tells New Idea. 
‘I remember thinking: “Why don’t I use this platform to share what I have with the world?”’

Now, like other aptly labelled ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’, the Aussie-based teen’s pictures 
have gained a huge following, with more than 80,000 people salivating over her riches.

‘Some people follow me because they want to see nice things such as yachts, planes, beautiful cars and expensive accessories,’ she says. ‘Some people like to see my outfits. I also love bikinis and often post pictures by the pool or at the beach.

(Credit: Instagram/clarisselafleur)

‘I know my female audience will be interested in the 
bikini brand, while 
my male audience will enjoy my shape,’ she explains.

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