Lost passports blamed for leaving kids alone

The children, aged 4 and 6, had been crying for days.

A woman accused of leaving her young son and daughter home alone while she travelled overseas claims she could not take them with her because their passports are missing.

Through an interpreter, she said: ‘If you’re really concerned about my children, can you please help me sort out this post office issue and locate the passports because without passports my children will not be legal here’.

Her two young stepchildren were ‘screaming and crying’ when police arrived at their house in Cloverdale, Perth’s east, on Wednesday, two days after she allegedly left them home alone so she could travel overseas.  

A neighbour said she had no idea the children were left to fend for themselves and only learned they were alone after hearing their cries when police arrived. 

‘The kids were crying and screaming,’ she told the West Australian. ‘Had I’d known I would have called the police,’ she added. 

The woman was arrested by Child Abuse Squad detectives at Perth International Airport when she returned to the country on Thursday. 

She had reportedly travelled to Bali to renew her visa while the children’s father was also away. 

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