Latest: Murdering mum ‘called family meeting’ before opening fire

A witness said the mother-of-two was 'pretty calm-looking'.

The Texas mum who shot and murdered who two daughters during a family gathering had “convened a family meeting” in the living room before opening fire.

According to a press release from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Christy Sheats’s two daughters ran from the house with her husband, Jason. Madison, 17, collapsed and died at the scene, while her sister, Taylor, 22, was airlifted to hospital where she later died from her injuries.

A witness told PEOPLE Sheats went back inside to reload her gun before shooting Taylor again.

The statement added that Sheats had a history of mental illness and that the Sheriff’s Office has responded 14 calls for service at the home since January of 2012. 

The witness who called 911, told PEOPLE, ‘She [Sheats] looked pretty calm-looking. No expression. Blank face.’

Adding, ‘She was just walking normally with a gun. There was no expression no hurry or rush, just walking with the gun. No expression on her face she was just looking straight.’

Despite what happened in the family home on Friday, the relationship between Christy and her daughter’s on Facebook tells a different story. 

In a post last year, Christy praised her daughters for being ‘two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls.’

‘I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know.’

The feeling was mutual with Taylor dedicating a post to her mum on Mother’s Day three years ago saying, ‘Mom, you are so selfless, as you always put our whole family before yourself and never ask for anything in return.’

‘You’re so kind and loving, as you always remind us of just how much you care and how proud you are of everything we do. You’re so intelligent and fun to be around because I feel like I can talk to you for forever now about anything.’

The post concluded: ‘You’re one of the strongest people I know, if not the strongest, and you have had to overcome so much in your life but you still manage to love us and put your everything into being a mom. You’re so encouraging, as you always push us to do our absolute best, even when we can’t muster up the strength to do it ourselves. You’re such a blessing to have as a mother and friend and I truly appreciate you and all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mommy and I love you.’

Christy Sheats was fatally shot by a responding officer.

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