Grandfather and grandson show the beginning and end of life with matching ‘zipper’ scars

A photographer has captured a powerful photograph showing an adoring grandfather cuddling his 11-month-old grandson

Allen Halstead and Kolbie Gregware are generations apart but they are linked by matching heart surgery scars.

The pair have both been through multiple open heart surgeries, Allen following heart attacks and a stroke and Kolbie due to the fact he was born with a heart defect. The little boy also suffers from several other medical conditions and has Down syndrome.

Kolbie’s mum Brandy says she broke down when she saw the photo, taken by photographer Sunshine Moody.

(Credit: Sunshine Moody Photography)

‘I was in tears when I saw this picture! I’m in tears as I type this … it shows 2 fighting miracles!’ she says.

She said having a sick child and a sick father had made for a difficult year, adding that she often watches grandfather and grandson for hours as ‘they chat about their matching zippers’.

(Credit: Sunshine Moody Photography)

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