The one thing Disney employees are NOT allowed to do

How very strange.
Getty Images

When it comes to Disney everyone usually imagines happiness and magic. According to Disneyland employees, there are strict guidelines in place to ensure that magic is kept alive!

One of the most strange rules among Disneyland employee guidelines is that they are not allowed to point with one finger.

The reason being is that it’s deemed an offence to some cultures, and due to Disneyland’s multiple resorts and large number of international guests it would be a cause for disaster.

According to indy100 it is for this reason employees need to use two fingers to point instead.

Another rule employees of the company giant must abide by is to not be rude to any guests no matter how harsh or insulting they may be.

But be warned if one of them says ‘Have a Disney day’ as it is likely you have upset them. It serves as one of the secret codes among workers whenever someone is getting on their nerves.

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