“Sad times”: Australians react to news of all Sanity stores closing

"Am sad to see it close down..."
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The beloved Australian franchise Sanity is set to close all of its remaining stores.

The iconic music retailer best known for selling CDs and DVDs announced on Facebook that they would be closing the 50 physical stores still operating around the country by the end of April 2023.

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However, this isn’t the end of Sanity entirely as the retailer will continue “to thrive and build on its successful online business”.

“With our customers shifting to digital for their visual and music content consumption, and with diminishing physical content available to sell to our customer, it has made it impossible to continue with our physical stores,” said company owner, Ray Itaoui.

“Our online business will continue to operate, and will service the
many loyal customers the brand has continued to be dedicated to over the decades,” Mr Itaoui added.

Fans of the retailer were extremely saddened by the news with many flocking to the comments section of Sanity’s announcement.

sanity stores
All Sanity stores are set to close by April 2023. (Credit: Facebook)

One Facebook user wrote, “Sad times. You were the greatest. Glad to hear your online store will continue,” while another commented, “I am very sad to hear this. The majority (over 80%) of my DVD collection I owe due to my local store. The staff there were the best and so friendly and helpful. Am sad to see it close down.”

However, many understood the music retailer’s decision.

“Was only a matter of time. CD’s & DVD’s are ancient now thanks to Spotify & Netflix. Thanks for your service over the years helping me buy music,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another said, “I’m very sorry to hear that, but I totally understand the reasoning behind it. I wish you a very healthy online presence…”

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Sanity was founded in 1980 by prominent Australian businessman, Brett Blundy and began operation with just one store located in Melbourne. Originally, the store was called Jetts but after multiple stores and a company were established, Jetts was rebranded as Sanity in 1992.

Ray Itaoui bought Sanity thirteen years ago and has owned the company ever since.

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