US report: Prince Andrew’s place in Royal Family in jeopardy after new scandal

Prince Charles blasts his younger brother!
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Prince Andrew is facing a new scandal that could “see him kicked out of the royal family for good,” the National Enquirer reports. 

The US tabloid outrageoulsy claims the royal is embroiled in a “sex slave” scandal – and his brother Charles is furious.

A source told National Enquirer, “Charles has blown up at Andrew. He can’t believe Andrew acted so stupidly. He expects more from a senior royal.”

“Charles has even asked their mother, Queen Elizabeth, about possibly stripping Andrew of his Duke of York title,” the insider sensationally adds. 

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It was first reported in 2015 that a woman named Virginia Roberts came forward to claim tycoon Jeffrey Epstein paid her to have sex with Andrew in 2001, when he was just 17.

In a graphic interview at the time, she detailed their alleged encounter with the now 58-year-old royal.

Buckingham Palace has denied the allegations, and has not responded to the National Enquirer’s latest report. 

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