MAFS 2020: Inside Stacey & Michael’s Explosive Fight

Was he to blame, or is she being too unforgiving?
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Hell hath no fury like a MAFS bride scorned!

WATCH Stacey and Michael’s fiery feud.

Married At First Sight stunner Stacey Hampton hasn’t seemed that keen on her new hubby, Michael Goonan, from the beginning.

But after vowing to open up and try to break down her walls, things fell apart on the pair’s honeymoon. 

After what seemed to be a romantic dinner for two, Michael admitted the next morning that they’d gone out afterwards – and that’s when things got out of hand.

Stacey and Michael.
(Credit: Channel 9)

Explaining that they’d connected with some other couples staying at the resort, Michael confessed:

“We went out afterwards. Had a few bottles of wine. Got a bit wasted… Was a little bit of a d–k to Stacey, was arrogant, basically was a bit of an a–hole to be honest with you.”

“[It] ended with Stacey walking back to the hotel by herself,” the 28-year-old company director continued.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Michael didn’t address what had happened the next morning, despite Stacey being visibly angry.

“Instead of apologising this morning, I f–ked up again and went for a run with one of the guys that I met.”

MAFS Stacey Michael fight
(Credit: CHannel 9)

He also, apparently, got on his phone and ignored his bride when she was trying to explain to him that morning exactly what he’d done the night before – because he “couldn’t remember”, slammed 26-year-old Stace.

(Er, how many bottles of wine did you say you had, Michael?)

But her unrelenting refusal to give Michael another chance has left fans siding with the larrikin!

“So Micheal’s a dickhead, but at least he’s trying,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I… actually feel kinda bad for Michael?” tweeted another who wasn’t sure how to feel.

MAFS Stacey Michael fight
(Credit: Channel 9)

Stacey was absolutely livid, telling him his “half-assed apology” came way too late.

“You’re a joke,” she slammed. 

“You’re embarrassing, you embarrassed me,” she added telling him he’d “dug the hole deeper” by not apologising that morning, waiting for hours to address the drama.

“You were running from your problems… And that’s why you’re single, babe, and that’s why you’ll stay that way.”

Meanwhile, Michael was shocked and unsure what to do next.

“It’s like trying to turn water into wine, I’m not Jesus, I can’t do that,” he said of trying to force compatibility with his TV wife.

“Trying to make it work with Stacey is a near impossibility.”

MAFS Stacey Michael fight
(Credit: Channel 9)

As he tried to apologise yet again, Stacey told her ‘husband’ that, if they were in the real world rather than on a reality show, “I would block your f–king number and never speak to you again.”

And yet, her putting him in his place actually seemed to work out for the pair in the end.

She’s a force to be reckoned with,” Michael said after he finally got back in the good books.

“I respect her so much more for having such high regard of herself.”

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