Shocking Bluey conspiracy unvieled

Is the animated dog on a quest for world domination? New Idea investigates...
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There’s nothing Australia is more proud of, more in awe of, more in love with than Bluey. 

An animated adventure that follows the namesake of the popular kids series, a blue heeler dog and her family – dad Bandit, mum Chilli, and sister Bingo – the show has racked up millions of fans (and viewing hours) from across the world. 

WATCH NOW: Bluey pronounces airport – ‘ewpowt’. Article continues after video. 

But a conspiracy theory detailing the critically acclaimed kids program’s desire for “world domination” has sparked a frenzy online, as fans have shared how their kids have adopted Aussie accents and Aussie mannerisms. 

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“American here. Just wanted you to know that my kids are watching Bluey so much that they’re starting to pronounce some words with an Australian accent,” one American parent posted to Reddit. 

Do you think Bluey has taken over the world? (Credit: ABC)

Fellow parents were quick to comment on the thread, making reference to a conspiracy where Australia would “take over the world” with Bluey fronting the campaign. 

“Our master plan for world domination is working,” a fellow fan entered the foray with. 

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“Good. Everything is going according to plan,” another joked. 

“Our secret plan to take over the world one kindy (kid) at a time is going well,” a third (presumably Australian) added. 

It’s safe to say that Bluey is a national treasure (Credit: ABC)

Whilst the discussion was had in good fun, this isn’t the first time international fans have been “influenced” by the animated series, with many previously left confused by certain phrases and references. 

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In May, many were left scratching their heads at the show’s depiction of sunscreen and zinc, with many overseas viewers asking Aussies what the “beach face paint” (coloured zinc) was in an episode featuring the beach. 

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