Bluey tops US streaming charts

Americans clearly love the Aussie kids show…
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Bluey, the beloved Australian children’s animated television series, has snuck into the top 10 of the most streamed titles in the US in 2023.

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According to Nielsen, Bluey was the second most streamed title in the country for the year, where it reached a collective 43.9 billion viewing minutes on Disney+ alone.

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It tailed closely behind legal drama Suits and surpassed Cocomelon, which was the most streamed animated program for children in both 2021 and 2022. 

bluey family
Bluey is extremely popular in the US… (Credit: ABC)

Bluey, created by Joe Brumm, first premiered in 2018 on ABC Kids. The show quickly became popular both here in Australia and overseas.

But the show isn’t just popular with kids; legions of parents have praised the show for its clever humour and genuine portrayal of family dynamics.

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Over the years, Bluey has won multiple accolades including three International Emmys, 5 AACTA awards, 2 Logies, and a BAFTA.

In 2023, voice actor Melanie Zanetti who voices Bluey’s mum Chilli, exclusively revealed to New Idea that a movie was also in the works – exciting!

A world-class immersive Bluey attraction is also set to open in Brisbane in August 2024, begging the question if international fans will soon find themselves booking family holidays to Australia.

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But Bluey has caused some controversy in its time too. Multiple episodes have been censored and/or altered before airing in the US for being too ‘graphic’ (these episodes have had vomit, poo, and/or farting edited out).

And the Season 2 episode Dad Baby has been completely banned from ever airing in the US. The episode deals with pregnancy and carrying babies and at one point, Bandit (Bluey’s dad) simulates what it’s like to give birth.

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The most recent Bluey scandal involved a ‘fat-phobic’ scene where Bandit weighed himself, grabbed his stomach, and sighed before then embarking on a strict exercise regime.

The episode, titled Exercise, has now been edited globally so the weighing scene isn’t in the episode at all anymore and ABC said of the change in a statement:

“The recent episode of Bluey, Exercise, has been republished by the ABC following a decision by the makers of the program. The new version provides families with the opportunity to manage important conversations in their own way.”

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