Meet the cast of Beauty and the Geek 2021!

We can't wait to see these fresh faces in action!
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A brand-new Beauty and the Geek reboot is upon us, with a fabulous new cast who are said to have a ‘whole lot of heart’.

A gang of 10 geeks and 10 beauties will be paired up and face challenges as a duo, with the last couple standing to win $100,000.

Hosted by the stunning and self-confessed dork Sophie Monk, the series is said to have all the fun of the original series with a new layer of warmth to keep the audience coming back.

“A lot has changed since Beauty and the Geek was last on our screens,” Sophie said.

“Today, geeks run the world and beauties are far more than just a pretty face. I can’t wait for audiences to watch on as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and see if we’re able to answer the age-old question – can opposites attract?”

But before we get to the answer, let’s meet the cast of Beauty and the Geek 2021!

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Aira, 23

Aira describes herself as ditzy and funny. While she doesn’t struggle with dating, she is picky about who she gives her attention to, describing her ideal man as having ‘big veiny arms, nice teeth, smells good, hygienic, and most importantly, no thongs!’

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Ashleigh, 31

Ashleigh is a performer who spent the past five years working in Japan and dressing up as cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses every day. She is on the lookout for Prince Charming, who ideally is tall, dark and handsome with nice teeth.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Bryanna, 29

Bryanna is an entertainment reporter with a love of rollerblading, especially at the beach. She has been unlucky in love and has never had a boyfriend, and believes she may have a lot to learn from the geeks.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Eliza, 21

Eliza is a self-confessed wild child who is enjoying being young and living in Bondi. She wants to teach the geeks not to take life too seriously.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Gabrielle, 20

Gabrielle is a criminology student who hopes to become a detective someday. She is most looking forward to making new friends with both the beauties and the geeks, but she is still a bit nervous about the unknowns she might encounter.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Jessica A, 19

Jessica is an earthy beauty who sells ethical handmade clothing and accessories as a side hustle. She’s keen to meet the geeks, saying she has always gotten along better with geekier guys.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Jess H, 23

Jess has both a Bachelor in Journalism and a Certificate in Meteorology, showing she’s got both beauty and brains. She isn’t ruling out falling for one of the geeks, with a dating history that has seen her fall hard and fast.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Josie, 21

Country girl Josie grew up in regional NSW, and boasts a super laidback and bubbly personality. She wants to break the stereotype of beauties being blonde, dumb and ditzy.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Kiera, 23

Keira is a fun-loving beauty with an opinionated nature that sometimes gets her into trouble. She has a soft spot for geeks.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Leticia, 25

Leticia is a pocket-rocket with a big, outrageous personality that fills any room. She is after an honest, genuine connection with a man who will prioritise her as number one.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Alexander, 26

Maths tutor and ‘nutty professor’ Alexander admits he doesn’t have the best social skills. He is keen to improve on this and build deep and meaningful friendships in his life, and maybe even find a spark of romance.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Frank, 28

Frank is an emergency doctor who is also completely sports-crazy. He is determined to teach his partner about determination and never giving up on their dreams and ambitions.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

George, 27

George is an escape room game master who is super passionate about Dungeons and Dragons. He is most nervous about the romantic side of Beauty and the Geek, but wants to push himself out of his comfort zone.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Jackson, 19

Jackson’s quirky sense of humour matches his fashion sense! He hopes one of the beauties will be able to help fix up his style.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

James, 25

Cosplayer James rarely has the confidence to put himself out there when there is potential he could be embarrassed or disappointed. He is excited to see just how far he can push himself out of his comfort zone.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Kiran, 30

Kiran is a law graduate who has lived all over the world, an experience that helped him become a great communicator. However, he can be quite fearful of social situations that make him uncomfortable.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Kyle, 22

Kyle adores military history and has often participated in re-enactments of historic battles while wearing full armour. He is hoping this experience will help him break out of his shell.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Lachlan, 32

Lachlan runs a small motorsports PR agency and has taken a leap of faith by applying for Beauty and the Geek, hoping he will learn how to get out of the friend zone and finally find himself in a relationship.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Mitchell, 28

Mitchell dreams of being a video editor or screenwriter. He’s looking forward to seeing what he has to offer and to prove to Australia that geeks these days are so evolved that they couldn’t even be picked out in a crowd.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Sam, 23

Sam is your typical footy fan who works at the local grocery store. He’s been nicknamed Napoleon Dynamite for his afro, which he says people love to rub for good luck. He is very excited to meet his fellow geeks and beauties and to developing friendships with everyone.

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