Get the snacks ready! Here’s when Beauty & The Geek kicks off

Sophie Monk is on her way!
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It’s been seven long years since fun and fabulous reality show Beauty & The Geek graced our TV screens.

Now, after its lengthy hiatus, the exact date the series will kick off is finally here – and it’s time to mark your diaries.

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Airing on Channel Nine this time around, Beauty & The Geek is slated to begin on Sunday July 11 at 7pm.

The latest incarnation of the series is hosted by the gorgeous Sophie Monk and will feature 10 beauties and 10 geeks as they take on challenges.

And will they find love along the way? Or even score the reward of forming a tight-knit friendship with someone they wouldn’t normally cross paths with? Only time will tell.

Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk (pictured) will host the new version of Beauty & The Geek. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Among the beauties taking part are a professional theme park princess, a vivacious tanning and gym lover, a red carpet reporter and a criminology student and model.

Meanwhile, the  geeks include a maths teacher, an ER doctor/wrestling fan, a motorsport fanatic and a law graduate.

They’ll all battle it out in a bid to be the last pair standing with the winning couple taking home the much coveted prized of $100,000.

“A lot has changed since Beauty and the Geek was last on our screens,” host Sophie said,

“Today, geeks run the world and beauties are far more than just a pretty face. I can’t wait for audiences to watch on as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and see if we’re able to answer the age-old question – can opposites attract?”

Beauty & the Geek
10 “geeks” will be paired with 10 “beauties” as they team up in a bid to win a $100,000 prize. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Channel Nine previously shared a sneak peek at the show the network is describing as “the most uplifting, feel-good show of the year”.

And former Bachelorette Sophie couldn’t hide her excitement about its return.

“I can’t even 🙈 this show is sooo entertaining with so much comedy you’ll laugh and with so much heart you’ll cry,” she said.

“It’ll be your favourite show EVER! I promise. ( and I’ve experienced some reality shows in my time) this won’t disappoint you. Hand on my heart.”

Beauty and the Geek premieres Sunday July 11 at 7pm on Channel Nine and Nine Now

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