EXCLUSIVE: Survivor eliminee Viola “heartbroken” by blindside

"It was a git or get got situation."
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Heartbroken barely scratches the surface of how powerlifter Viola Jokudu feels after being blindsided on Australian Survivor. 

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The instant fan favourite had been cruising comfortably through the game thanks to her physical prowess in challenges, strong social game, and tight alliance with Valeria and Mark. 

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But all that came undone when the two V’s were sent in different directions at an unexpected tribal swap, leaving Viola vulnerable to the “middle-aged mafia” helmed by tentative alliance member Caroline. 

After tribal swap, the game became a “git or get got” situation for Viola. (Credit: Instagram)

Sensing that something was in the water, Viola attempted to convince trusted alliance member Mark that now was the time to send Caroline home, after a previously failed attempt that sent Nathan packing instead. 

But Mark wasn’t convinced, and Viola was the one on the chopping block after Caroline orchestrated an epic blindside of her own. 

The powerlifter says she is “relieved” that her intuition was right, even though her torch was still snuffed. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Speaking exclusively with New Idea the morning after her onscreen elimination, Viola said she regretted not being more assertive and pushing for the Caroline blindside, especially knowing what she knows now that the former was planning to vote her out of the game.

“Before [the] tribal council, I had an inkling that my name might be on the chopping block because if there was a time to do it, it’d be now.”

“With Caroline always wanting to be present when we had conversations I knew that she was just waiting for a time [to vote me out].”

“But there was relief in the sense that I knew my intuition was right.”

Viola was a huge physical asset to her tribe. (Credit: Instagram)

The 22-year-old added that if it weren’t for [the] tribe swap unfolding how it did, she felt like her game would have progressed significantly further. 

“The unique situation that I was in [after tribe swap] was a git or get got type of situation,” she admitted. 

Valeria and Viola were Survivor, and now real life BFF’s. (Credit: Instagram)

As for how she sees the rest of the game unfolding, Viola has high hopes for alliance members Mark and Val, players who she describes as the “ultimate allies.”

“They are two of the most strategically and socially savvy players on the show.”

“It’s really easy to say Mark because he’s such a strong player, but everyone is going to recognise that which is going to be to his detriment. Whereas Val can play under the radar and her character makes it so that people can trust her.”


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