Abbie Chatfield among number of vocal Aussie’s calling to cut ties with the monarchy

"This isn't the 1700s!"
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As the world comes to terms with Queen Elizabeth II’s passing at the age of 96, discussion has emerged surrounding Australia’s independence. 

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Abbie Chatfield reacted to the news on Instagram stories, revealing that it was “obviously sad that someone has died” and that it was “sad for her family.”

However, it was her comments about colonialism that upset a number of royal loyalists, who took issue with her point of view. 

Labelling colonialism as “not great” and the monarchy as “not my favourite thing in the world,” Abbie shared her discomfort in having a King. 

“King Charles, from what I gather – he isn’t very competent” she explained, before adding “not that they [the royal family] do anything.”

“He isn’t very kind” she continued, before explaining that she hadn’t heard “good things about Charles.”

“This isn’t the 1700s! I knew this day was coming but I don’t like it.”

Abbie Chatfield
(Credit: Instagram)

Her comments struck a nerve among some of her followers, with Abbie calling them out for replying to her stories. 

“To all the monarchists” she addressed her stories, “you can’t deny colonialism exists.” 

“It’s sad that somebody died” she continued, but explained that they “should reevaluate how you understand history and current politics.” 

Abbie wasn’t the only one highlighting the darker and often overlooked side to the monarch on the day of Elizabeth’s death.

The Queen
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Phoebe Bridgers, an American singer re-shared a post to her own Instagram story that was originally created by @riseindigenous, an “Indigenous artist initiative dedicated to the amplification and evolution of Indigenous art and culture.”

“Today we mourn all the stole, violated, and traumatized lives who were affected and destroyed during Qween Elizabeth II’s reign.” 

“Today is a brutal reminder that war criminals will be honored while entire populations and societies bear the battle scars of colonial genocidal violence, invasion, religious persecution, and white supremacy.”

Royal Family
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Peter FitzSimons, the chair of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) revealed that whilst Australia had flourished under Elizabeth II, it was “unlikely we will ever see a Monarch as respected or admired by the Australian people again.”

ARM has also suggested that the death of the Queen will renew interest in Australia’s independence. 

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