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The highly anticipated film The Portable Door – based upon Tom Holt’s book of the same name – is set to drop on Stan on April 7.

The Portable Door follows Paul Carpenter and Sophie Pettingel, new interns at J.W. Wells & Co – a mysterious London corporation.

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However, Paul and Sophie quickly discover that J.W. Wells & Co is not at all what it seems and their employers are anything but conventional…

Ahead of The Portable Door‘s release, our sister site TV Week got the chance to speak with cast members Sam Neill, Patrick Gibson, Miranda Otto and Sophie Wilde.

Read on to see what they had to say as well as find out the entire cast of The Portable Door and where you may know them from.

Patrick Gibson

patrick gibson
(Credit: Getty)

Patrick Gibson plays Paul Carpenter in The Portable Door. You may recognise Patrick from his previous roles in Tolkien, Shadow and Bone and The OA.

Patrick shared with TV Week his favourite moment from filming The Portable Door: the first time he saw the film’s sets.

“I remember the first time Jeff [Jeffrey Walker, director of The Portable Door] showed me around the sets and we got to see all the stuff; there’s so little CGI [in The Portable Door], it was all right there in front of us. So yeah, the first time seeing J.W. Wells’ office and all that was pretty special,” Patrick said.

Patrick also shared what it was like working with Hollywood heavyweights Christoph Waltz and Sam Neill.

“So insane. It’s such a dream to work with people like that… They were just the best and so inspiring.”

Sophie Wilde

sophie wilde
(Credit: Getty)

Sophie Wilde plays Sophie Pettingel in The Portable Door. A relatively new actress, you may recognise Sophie from Eden, You Don’t Know Me and Talk To Me.

Sophie shared with TV Week that working with Sam Neill was “crazy” and he’s “the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet!”

She also revealed where she would go if she had access to a portable door like the one in the film. “I would get it to the Louvre, at like, 12pm. And I would go with a bottle of wine and look at some art. Like, look at the Mona Lisa and drink a glass of red wine,” Sophie said.

Christoph Waltz

christoph waltz
(Credit: Getty)

Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz, best known for his iconic roles in Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained and No Time To Die, stars in The Portable Door as Humphrey Wells.

Christoph’s character is the unpredictable CEO of J.W. Wells & Co, and early reviews of The Portable Door have already praised the actor for his incredible performance.

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Sam Neill

sam neill
(Credit: Getty)

Beloved actor Sam Neill plays Dennis Tanner in The Portable Door. Undoubtedly, you would know Sam from the classic Jurassic Park trilogy but you may also recognise him from his previous roles in Rams, The Vow and Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

When speaking with TV Week, Sam revealed where he would go if he had access to a portable door like the one in the film.

“My farm and my pig would be there to meet me,” Sam said.

Sam also shared what his The Portable Door character, Dennis Tanner, is like.

“It’s sort of like me on steroids. Ridiculous. I’m pretty ridiculous; he’s very ridiculous.”

Miranda Otto

miranda otto
(Credit: Getty)

Australian actress Miranda Otto plays Countess Judy in The Portable Door. You’ll most likely recognise Miranda for her role as Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Miranda shared with TV Week what it was like working on The Portable Door with both Christoph Waltz and Sam Neill, and said:

“Sam is such a hoot to work with and he got so into it and he set such a great tone [for the film]… And Christoph’s amazing. I was so excited to work with him.”

Chris Pang

chris pang
(Credit: Getty)

Chris Pang plays Casimir Suslowicz in The Portable Door. You may recognise Chris from his previous roles in Crazy Rich Asians, Tomorrow, When the War Began and Palm Springs.

Jessica De Gouw

jessica de gouw
(Credit: Getty)

Jessica De Gouw plays Rosie Tanner in The Portable Door. You may recognise Jessica from her previous roles in Underground, The Crown and Underbelly.

Rachel House

rachel house
(Credit: Getty)

Rachel House plays Nienke Van Spee in The Portable Door. You may recognise Rachel from her previous roles in Moana, Thor: Ragnarok and Boy.

Arka Das

arka das
(Credit: Getty)

Arka Das plays Neville in The Portable Door. You may recognise Arka from his previous roles in Lion, Mulan and We Interrupt This Broadcast.

When speaking to TV Week, Arka shared he’d go to “the desert somewhere” if he had his own portable door. Arka quickly amended that he’d just love to own a portable door in general because then he “could travel anywhere really quickly.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, TV Week

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