Paramedic issues serious warning about giving young kids Easter eggs

Some types are serious choking hazards…
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Undoubtedly, your little ones are excited for the Easter bunny to soon come and pay them a visit.

But if you’ve got young children, an Aussie paramedic has taken to Instagram to warn parents of the choking risk that some Easter eggs pose.

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Nikki Jurcutz – who’s not just a paramedic but is also CEO of Tiny Hearts Education; an organisation that specialises in baby, infant and child first aid CPR courses – recently shared that mini Easter eggs “are a choking hazard.”

In a viral Instagram video, Nikki illustrates that mini Easter eggs “are hard and round” which are “two massive factors for a choking hazard.”

Nikki also points out that mini Easter eggs are “the perfect size and shape to block off a child’s airway.”

easter eggs
An Aussie paramedic has warned that mini Easter eggs “are a choking hazard” for little kids. (Credit: Getty)

Of course, just because of the threat these types of eggs pose, doesn’t mean you can’t treat your kids to any Easter eggs at all! You’ll just need to opt for the larger, hollow Easter eggs.

Nikki says the hollow eggs “easily crumble,” which makes them “safer for your little one to eat this Easter.”

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In a previous Instagram post, Nikki also suggested you could swap out mini Easter eggs for other gifts like “books, slippers, toy bunnies or pyjamas.”

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You could also plan a fun, baking activity for your kids this Easter and make delicious cookies with adorable themed cutter sets.

Or you could try our recipes for Easter Egg Cake Pops and Hot Cross Bun Custard Cheesecake!

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