McDonald’s is offering up $2 McFlurries this week!

Treat yourself and your wallet.
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It’s finally that time of the year again where you can indulge yourself with all your favourite fast food treats – for almost half the price.

WATCH BELOW: TikTok user reveals secret TimTam McFlurry at McDonald’s

As part of its annual 30 Days 30 Deals promotion, McDonald’s has been offering a range of deals across its menu from the start of November.

Included as part of the promotion is the fan-favourite McFlurry, with prices to be slashed in half this weekend.

Normally at a price of $5, you can now get your hands on a McFlurry for just $2, so it’s never been a better time to treat yourself this month.

oreo mcflurry mcdonalds
Oreo Cookie McFlurry. (Credit: McDonald’s)

This Sunday on November 21, you’ll be able to score any McFlurry flavour for just $2 at your local McDonald’s store.

Current flavours available include the Oreo Cookie McFlurry and the M&M’s Minis McFlurry.

To redeem the promotion, all you need to do is order directly through the MyMacca’s App and select the discount under “My Rewards”.

mms mcflurry mcdonalds
M&M’s Minis McFlurry. (Credit: McDonald’s)

And that’s not all that is on offer this month, with $2 McChickens available tomorrow, followed by $2 Large Fries and $3 Big Macs next week.

You can also look forward to a $2 Large Sundae on November 24, as well as a $2 Double Cheeseburger and a $2 Filet-O-Fish on the last two days of the month.

See all the upcoming deals below:

17 November: $1 Cheeseburger
18 November: $2 McChicken
19 November: $6 Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger
20 November: 20% off with $10 Minimum Spend
21 November: $2 McFlurry
22 November: $2 Large Fries
23 November: $3 Big Mac
24 November: $2 Large Sundae
25 November: $6 Small Quarter Pounder Meal + Cheeseburger
26 November: $9 for 2 Small McChicken Meals
27 November: $5 Small Cheeseburger Meal + Cheeseburger
28 November: 20% off with $10 Minimum Spend
29 November: $2 Double Cheeseburger
30 November: $2 Filet-O-Fish

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