KFC announces return of fan-favourite menu item

The deep-fried mashed potato bites, 'Original Mashies', are returning!
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KFC have just announced the return of a fan-favourite menu item!

KFC’s Original Mashies will be making their way into stores on Tuesday May 16. Available for a limited time only, the deep fried mashed potato bites will be up for grabs until Monday June 12.

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Making their debut in 2009, the bite-sized potato snacks were been met with eager demand. Sadly, this deep fried potato affair was short lived, with the item being pulled from the menu nationally in 2011.

Until their triumphant (albeit short term) return, KFC filled the potato bite-sized hole in people’s heart with that of gravy. The Gravy Mashies entered KFC stores in 2017. Nevertheless, the spud demand became too much for the fast food giant to ignore.

KFC’s Original Mashies. (Credit: Supplied)

For those that have yet to try them, the Original Mashies are a deep-fried mashed potato ball coated in the Colonel’s signature herb and spice mix. They’re available in a half-dozen or full-dozen pack and served with a side of gravy.

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KFC Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer Sally Spriggs commented on the excitement surrounding the menu relaunch.

“We’re always looking to delight KFC fans by introducing tasty new feeds or bringing back fan favourites, which is why for the first time in 12 years, Original Mashies will be available on menus nationwide.”

“After being reintroduced as a test last year to restaurants in Tasmania for a limited time, fans across the country have been vocal in calling for the Original Mashies’ return, but get in quick as you never know when they’ll be back again.” 

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