Jules Sebastian sends fans wild with corn rib air fryer recipe

Move over oven baked feta pasta!
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The new “game changer” snack that is taking the foodie world by storm is the ultimate corn ribs made in an air fryer. And stylist mum-of-two Jules has taken up the challenge to try out the new recipe, which is currently going viral on TikTok.WATCH BELOW: Jules Sebastian shows how to make corn ribs with an air fryer

In a video shared to Instagram, Jules took viewers along with her as she created the corn ribs, which are like “ribs but made of corn”, as she described.

Using a handful of ingredients, including corn (of course), spices, yogurt, and the hero of it all, an air fryer, Jules whipped up the viral snack in just 10 minutes.

“These are so so good! Best eaten fresh and literally cooked in ten mins,” she penned.

“We can thank ‘The Tik Tok’ for another fabulous recipe.”

“Best eaten fresh and literally cooked in ten mins.” (Credit: Instagram)
To start with, Jules first cut the corn into four pieces.“Cut it straight down the middle with a knife and cut those halves into halves again,” she explained.But she jokingly warns that you should be prepared for “corn flying absolutely everywhere”.Once you’ve got your corn into make-shift ribs, you create a mixture of melted butter, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder and salt and pepper.And if you don’t like too much heat on your palate, you can swap out the paprika and cayenne for taco seasoning instead.
The corn ribs can be eaten as a snack, a full meal, or even just a side dish. (Credit: Instagram)
Then paint the mixture onto the corn ribs with a brush, and once it’s on, you pop the corn ribs into the air fryer for ten minutes. You then flip them around at about the half way point, or as you feel necessary.The air fryer she used is 5.3 Litre Air Fryer from Kmart, which is priced at $89. However, any standard one will do just fine.While you wait for them to fry, you can do as Jules did and create your topping by popping in a good amount of yogurt into a bowl, add salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime.Whizz it around until it’s all mixed together and then drizzle it over the corn ribs. Then add coriander on top to finish!“That’s how easy it is,” she said.Find the full recipe below:
Looks so easy! (Credit: Instagram)
Ingredients:Corn cob Half tspn garlic powder Half tspn paprika Half tspn cayenne pepper Lime Salt and pepper 50g melted butter Greek styled yogurt – natural CorianderMETHODPre-heat air fryer to 200C. Cut off both ends of the corn. Use a sharp knife to carefully cut the corn lengthways, from the top down to split it in half. Repeat the step to cut into quarters. Place the corn cobs into the air fryer, and leave in for 10 minutes. In a bowl, combine the spices, butter, powder and salt and pepper. In another bowl, add yogurt, followed by salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime. Combine the corn and spices until it’s well coated. Serve with a drizzle of the natural yoghurt mixture, and garnish with coriander.

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