Top 10 Dinner Party Menu Ideas

From entrees to desserts, we’ve got your back!
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Hosting a dinner party for some is a stress-free enjoyable process, but for others, it is their worst nightmare.

At New Idea Food we understand that everyone’s tastes, expertise and budgets are different which is why we’ve got a menu for just about everyone. Here’s your guide on how to host 10 different dinner parties at home, that will have your guests raving about it for years to come. 

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10. Elegant

Impress your guests with this elegant and sophisticated menu. Remember to set the mood and make an effort with your place settings and atmosphere. 

Entree: Grilled Mackerel with Pickled Gooseberry Ketchup

(Credit: New Idea Food)

It’s a classic combination of rich, oily mackerel with sour gooseberries. There are a few stages, but it’s worth the work. Get the full recipe.

Main: Steak with za’atar butter

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Surprise and delight your guests with a zesty steak dinner, with a Mediterranean twist. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Sparkling wine-poached pears, hazelnut praline and hot chocolate sauce

(Credit: New Idea Food)

For an extra special, adults-only dessert, try these sparkling wine-poached pears with homemade hazelnut praline and a rich chocolate sauce. Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Basil, lemon and cucumber sparkler

(Credit: New Idea Food)

A sparkling drink that’s perfect for a refreshing summer soiree! Get the full recipe.

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9. Casual

Having guests over but wanting to keep it low-key? This is the menu for you. Simple flavours that taste delicious, and won’t have you slaving away in the kitchen for hours. 

Entree: Grilled aubergine stacks

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Having guests round needn’t mean compromising on nutrition, these grilled aubergine stacks canapés are full of flavour and good for you. Get the full recipe.

Main: Fully Loaded Cajun Chicken Burgers

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Grilled Cajun-spiced chicken breasts topped with bacon, avocado and cheese… this has all the makings of a casual dinner favourite. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: 4-Ingredient Espresso Cheesecakes


It doesn’t get much better – or easier! – than this! Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Best Ever Bloody Mary

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Entertain your guests with this delicious cocktail. Get the full recipe.

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8. Mexican

Throw a Mexican fiesta the next time it is your turn to play host. With lots of colour and fresh flavours, your guests will love the Mexican twist.

Entree: Best-Ever Chunky Guacamole

(Credit: New Idea Food)

The dip of all dips, this guacamole is the best ever because the ingredients have been kept to a minimum, so it is as fresh-tasting and vibrant as possible. Get the full recipe.

Main: Mexican steak and corn with salad

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Want to jazz up an easy steak dinner? Add Mexican magic with burrito seasoning, baked tortillas and grilled corn, with a lime and sour cream dressing. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Tres Leche Cake

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Looking for a dessert that will really impress? Go no further! This classic Mexican cake gets its name from the three types of milk used in it. Sweet, rich and utterly delicious. Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Ginger margarita

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Spice things up with this ginger margarita and get the party started. Get the full recipe.

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7. Asian

Adding an Asian theme to your menu is a great way to incorporate fresh, zesty flavours.

Entree: Vegetable rice paper rolls

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Fun to make and easy to eat, these fresh rice paper rolls are bursting with flavour. Get the full recipe.

Main: Chicken Katsu Noodle Salad

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This is hands-down, one of the best salad you’ll ever make and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Coconut rice puddings

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This five-ingredient recipe creates creamy rice pudding perfect for a snack at any time of the day. Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Passionfruit, lemongrass and thyme spritz

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Move over swizzle sticks, lemongrass is your new go-to stirrer. It imparts both flavour & style. Get the full recipe.

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6. Vegetarian

Charm your guests with a meat-free menu.

Entree: Stuffed & grilled vegetable bites

(Credit: New Idea Food)

These delicious vegetarian tapas bites are filled with creamy ricotta, sun-dried tomatoes and basil – a perfect dinner party nibble. Get the full recipe.

Main: Swede Gnocchi With Crispy Sage

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Create a restaurant-standard dish at a fraction of the price using often overlooked swede with this swede gnocchi with crispy sage recipe. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Passionfruit, Lemon & Custard Croissant Pudding

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This delicious winter pudding is as easy as it is yum! Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Watermelon and pomegranate crush

(Credit: New Idea Food)

You won’t mind that summer heat when you have this delicious cocktail in hand. With no cooking involved, just pop everything into a blender and pour. Get the full recipe.

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5. Easy

Impress your guests with this easy and delicious menu.

Entree: Maple-glazed hot wings

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Looking for an entree that will really impress, without the fuss? Look no further than these maple-glazed hot wings.

Main: One-pan seafood roast

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This one-pan seafood roast with smoky garlic butter is the perfect easy to make main. It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and 40 minutes to cook. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Easy Butterscotch Banana Pie

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Make the most of your freezer and store cupboard with this super-thrifty and easy budget butterscotch banana pie.  

Drinks: Iced Tea Cooler


A simpler twist on the classic Long Island iced tea is a classic, this is iced tea cooler is an easier version of the original with a little more cola to top it up. Get the full recipe.

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4. Vegan

Whip up a vegan feast worth writing home about.

Entree: Carrot hummus

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Everyone loves a good hummus at a nibbles table at a party of backyard barbecue, so surprise your guests by adding in something a little different – carrots! Get the full recipe.

Main: Sweet potato and cauliflower Penang curry

(Credit: New Idea Food)

With only 6 ingredients, and no meat or dairy, this vegetarian recipe uses coconut milk, sweet potatoes & Penang curry paste for a creamy and delicious curry! Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Vegan coconut & berry cheesecake

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Using coconut yoghurt, raw almonds, sweet dates and cacao powder, this chilled-out, pretty pink and purple frozen dessert cheesecake has no dairy in it. Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Mint melonade

(Credit: New Idea Food)

You read that correctly – MELONade! Let’s toast sunny days with friends and cool patio moments. Cheers to good times and good health all summer long. Get the full recipe.

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3. Healthy Dinner Party

Having guests over for dinner but you want the flavour without the added calories? We’ve got you covered, it will taste so good you won’t realise that it’s sugar-free! 

Entree: Prawn Cakes

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Start with these prawn cakes with a cucumber and peanut relish. You can roll the cakes into small bite sized portions. Get the full recipe.

Main: Sumac-baked salmon with pomegranate

(Credit: New Idea Food)

With vibrant red pomegranate seeds adding both flavour and festive-feeling, this Sumac-baked salmon salad is ideal for buffets and big family or friend get-togethers. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Chia dessert cups

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This gluten-free chia dessert pots make an easy, yet sophisticated dessert. Topped with vanilla yoghurt and diced kiwi fruit, it’s the perfect healthy dessert. Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Golden pineapple & vanilla iced tea

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This delicious golden pineapple and vanilla iced tea mocktail is a tasty refresher, if you want to ditch sugar completely swap golden syrup for rice malt syrup. Get the full recipe.

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2. Quick Dinner Party Recipes

Whip up this dinner menu from entree to dessert in next to no time.

Entree: Bocconcini, mint and tomato bites

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Delicate skewers of fresh bocconcini and tomato make wonderful canapes for summer entertaining. Get the full recipe.

Main: Chicken Pesto & Rocket Spaghettini

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Looking for a 15-minute dinner? This super tasty pasta is just what you need! Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Banana mousse

(Credit: New Idea Food)

This dessert may look elegant, but it’s making process isn’t – It uses only 5 ingredients and takes 8 minutes to prepare (yep, no cooking time at all!). Get the full recipe.

Drinks: Pineapple Vodka Breezer

(Credit: New Idea Food)

You can whip up this simple DIY pineapple vodka breezer in next to no time, no fancy cocktail shakers required. Get the full recipe.

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1. Italian

Italians, are arguably some of the best entertainers in the world. From decadent antipasto boards to fresh salads and flavoursome dishes they sure know how to throw a party that will go down in the history books. 

Entree: Burrata bruschetta with summer beans

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Try this twist on an Italian classic. This burrata bruschetta with summer beans recipe is an all day dish perfect for either a quick and easy dinner or entertaining guests. Get the full recipe.

Main: Courgette Lasagne

(Credit: New Idea Food)

A seasonal bake that makes a great meal to share. Get the full recipe.

Dessert: Tiramisu

(Credit: New Idea Food)

The coffee flavoured Italian dessert that will go down a treat. Get the full recipe. 

Drinks: Aperol & limoncello cocktail

(Credit: New Idea Food)

Mix vodka, limoncello, Aperol and orange juice for this punchy Italian citrus party drink. Get the full recipe.

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