MasterChef outrage: Fans in uproar over THIS scandal

It has caused a MAJOR upset!
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Even MasterChef‘s most loyal fans have slammed Tuesday night’s episode of the show as one of the “most boring episodes ever” amid talk of a ratings slump. 

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The 70-minute episode, which is part of a week showcasing all Queensland has to offer, followed Abbey, Simon, Derek, Nicole and Anuska as they battled it out in an immunity challenge, which viewers struggled to sit through. 

The contestants were tasked with cooking a dish that contained ginger as it’s main ingredient… which caused little excitement for the audience.

One viewer tweeted: “Let’s call it. This episode has been a complete waste of f***ing time.”

While others struggled to stay awake, with one fan commenting: “If anyone suffers from insomnia, watching this episode is the perfect cure.”

“I often find the immunity challenges boring but this was a whole new level of yawn,” tweeted another fan.

“This episode [sic] was entirely too long,” said another.

OzTam Metro ratings for Tuesday‘s episode of the Channel 10 behemoth show that at 635,000 viewers it fell way behind The Voice, which pulled in an audience of 977,000, and just ahead of House Rules, which saw 611,000 people tune in. 

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