MasterChef Australia 2018: Top three revealed as one cook goes home

A finals week elimination challenge with a spectacular view.

MasterChef Australia’s Sunday night elimination challenge involved Ben, Sashi and Jess who were cooking to ensure themselves a spot in the top three.

The challenge saw the three home cooks cook a dish of their choice for judges Gary, George and Matt, plus four of Australia best chefs. 

Ross Lusted from the Bridge Room in Sydney, Jock Zonfrilo form Orana in Adelaide, Danielle Alvarez from Fred’s in Sydney, and Lennox Hastie from Firedoor.

Ben, Sashi and Jess
Ben, Sashi and Jess (Credit: Channel 10)

With a staggered start time of 30 minutes and 90 minutes to plate up seven meals each, Ben was first to start by playing to his strengths with his take on a seafood platter.

Cooking against the stunning backdrop of Sydney harbour, Sashi decided to showcase his cultural background with a Singapore chicken rice.

Jess chose to do a dessert, making a black sesame ice cream with a yuzu cream. Unfortunately for the 19-year-old, her cook didn’t go to plan, and she was sent home.

“Your food has been amazing, you’ve been amazing and you’re going to be a superstar, we guarantee you,” George said.

Jess’ elimination now leaves Khanh, Ben and Sashi ready to battle it out for a place in the grand finale on Tuesday night.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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