Home And Away star Lynne McGranger tells: Irene’s big death scene

You won't believe it.

Lynne McGranger has revealed the way she wants her Home And Away character, Irene Roberts, to be killed off.

McGranger has played the iconic character for 25 years on the classic Aussie soap, and she has no plans to quit anytime soon. 

The 65-year-old actress told,As long as I have the energy and the fitness and the memory and the enthusiasm and the love for it, I’ll stay for as long as they’ll have me.’


But the star has revealed that if Irene were to be killed off, she knows exactly how she’d want it to go down. 

‘I’d like to have a passing like Molly from A Country Practice,’ she says. 

In A Country Practice, Molly Jones was played by Anne Tenney and the character lost her battle with leukaemia in a heartbreaking episode in 1985 that received the highest rating in the show’s 14 seasons. 

McGranger adds that she doesn’t want her character to die at the hands of an explosion or falling down a mineshaft or a car crash, but rather wants an emotional end. 

I just want to fade out,’ she told news. ‘I want viewers to be hysterical with sadness. I want people weeping for weeks afterwards.’

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