Home And Away: Jackson Heywood and Sophie Dillman wedding joy

Jackson and Sophie – who play couple Brody and Ziggy – have a close bond both on and off the screen.
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The moment fans have been waiting for is almost here – the hugely anticipated wedding of Summer Bay’s favourite loved-up couple, Ziggy and Brody.

And for Sophie Dillman and Jackson Heywood, who play the madly-in-love bride and groom, filming the wedding in a gorgeous location near Sydney was simply unforgettable.

Not least, they reveal, because temperatures soared to 40 degrees on the day!

‘Poor Sophie had to be outside in the wedding dress the whole day,’ says Jackson, 29. ‘But she looked stunning.’

‘I felt sorry for all the boys in tuxedos,’ adds 25-year-old Sophie.

‘At least I had people fanning me! And the setting was incredible. Everyone looked beautiful.’

Sophie, who in real life is happily in a relationship with her rugby coach partner of five years Ben, admits exchanging vows with another man was a rather surreal experience.

‘Everyone treats you like a bride,’ she says. ‘Everyone gushes over you when you’re getting ready and says how beautiful you look. And Ben was very supportive of the wedding,’ says the bubbly blonde with a laugh.

(Credit: Katie Nolan)
(Credit: Katie Nolan)

As for whether the nuptials provided Sophie with inspiration for her own wedding day – whenever that may be – it rather seems to have confirmed what she doesn’t want.

‘Maybe a couple of less cameras, and I won’t say my vows 15 times for different takes!’ she says. ‘Hopefully, there will also be no-one calling “cut” just before I say, “I do!”’

Meanwhile, Jackson, who is currently single, was thrilled to play a key role in one of the Bay’s most memorable weddings.

‘I can’t believe it – I’m stoked,’ he says. ‘It’s so cool to be part of Home And Away history as another couple who get married.’

It’s also clear there’s a special bond between Sophie and Jackson.

Indeed, they are now the best of friends.

‘We can’t get over how well we do get along,’ says Jackson.

(Credit: Katie Nolan)

‘We had 14 scenes in a row oneday and I don’t think we stopped laughing the entire time.’

Sophie adds: ‘My abs actually hurt by the end of that day! We’re pretty good at reading each other and where each other’s head space is.’

Certainly, no-one could have been more thrilled than Sophie when she discovered Ziggy was going to propose to Brody.

‘Ziggy definitely isn’t afraid to do things a lot of women wouldn’t do,’ she says.

But it wouldn’t be a Summer Bay wedding without a dose of drama. Could tragedy strike Ziggy and Brody’s big day?

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