Home And Away: Meet Chelsea Campbell

Summer Bay's newest police officer!

There’s a beautiful new police officer in the Bay. And she’s set to turn Colby’s world upside down!

In must-see episodes, Chelsea Campbell (Ashleigh Brewer) – who has been transferred to the small coastal town – comes face to face with her stunned fellow officer Colby (Tim Franklin).

And it immediately becomes clear that the pair share a complex history.

“Colby is completely floored when he sees Chelsea,” reveals Ashleigh.

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(Credit: Channel Seven)

“There’s no pre-warning for him and you see that straight away. He really is shell-shocked by her arrival.”

A little earlier, Chelsea also makes an instant impression on Dean (Patrick O’Connor) in the caravan park. But the charismatic River Boy, who wastes no time turning on the charm, has no idea the park’s newest guest is a cop.

Let’s just say that Chelsea doesn’t waste time turning the tables on Dean!

“He tries to make a bit of a move, but Chelsea is on to him quick smart and has a bit of fun by playing into it,” says Ashleigh. “She intimidates Dean by how forward she is with him. It was a really fun scene to shoot. It’s very playful.”

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(Credit: Channel Seven)

As Ashleigh is happy to confirm, Chelsea is anything but a pushover in either her personal or professional life.

“She definitely knows her own mind and will make sure that she is heard,” she says. “She’s a good girl – her tagline should be that she does things by the book. Her morals are high.”

Meanwhile, what is Chelsea’s connection to Colby?

“Let’s just say things weren’t left on the best of terms between them,” says Ashleigh. “She is prepared for his reaction now, but she’s a woman who knows what she wants – and who will do whatever it takes to get it.” Stay tuned!

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