Home And Away: Colby’s desperate plea

Does he have a choice?
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His search for his missing younger sister Bella through regular police channels has hit a dead end, and Colby (Tim Franklin) is running out of options fast.

Certainly, he’s not receiving any assistance from Chelsea’s (Ashleigh Brewer) formidable father, Inspector Neil Campbell (Steve Nation).

“Chelsea’s dad Neil has told Colby he knows where Bella is, but he refuses to give him any information,” says Tim. “Neil has found Colby’s Achilles’ heel and now he’s being so manipulative. His actions are very malicious, and Colby just doesn’t know what to do.”

When Chelsea suggests Colby might be better to focus his search on his stepfather – Bella’s father Ross – Colby agrees. And Dean, too, has an idea. He has the name of a private investigator called Ray Holsten who he feels may be able to locate Ross.

new idea

“Ross has always been a very terrifying part of Colby’s upbringing,” says Tim. “The further away he is from anything to do with Ross, the happier Colby will be. But he feels he has no choice.”

Is Colby heading into dangerous territory?

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