David Koch takes a stab at Karl Stefanovic amid Nine star’s TV humiliation

The breakfast TV wars ramp up again
Karl Stefanovic David Koch
David Koch has joked about rival Karl Stefanovic

Naughty Sunrise star David Koch has taken a cheeky stab at his TV rival Karl Stefanovic, over one of the scandals that helped to derail the TODAY Show host’s career.

Speaking on the hit Channel 7 breakfast show this morning during a conversation about Ubers, Koch made the quip.

WATCH: David Koch makes a joke about Karl Stefanovic’s most embarrassing moment 

‘You’ve got to be judicious in an Uber in case they’re recording,’ joked Koch, before the camera switched to as sniggering Samantha Amytage.

The joke references the so-called Ubergate scandal, in which Karl and his brother Peter Stefanovic were reportedly overheard by an Uber driver as they discussed their Nine colleagues. Details of the alleged conversation were recounted by the driver – who says he did not record the conversation but described it by memory.

The driver says the 45-minute conversation included Pete talking to Karl on speakerphone about colleagues and management.

Karl’s then co-host Georgie Gardner was allegedly criticised by Karl for being ‘too neutral’.

Karl Stefanovic David Koch
David Koch has joked about rival Karl Stefanovic

‘[Karl] said she didn’t have enough opinions and he wanted her to step up. He actually sounded angry and said he was going to start pushing hard and that she needed to do that if she wanted to stay on the show,’ the driver said.

Karl also allegedly moaned that friend and costar Richard Wilkins ‘kept all the entertainment contacts close to his chest and doesn’t share anything.’

The host also allegedly spoke of Nine management, who he supposedly described as being out of touch.

‘[Karl] said they didn’t know anything… Both the brothers clearly think they are better than what they do and spent a lot of time complaining,’ the Uber driver said.

Samantha Armytage
Samantha Armytage thought it was hysterical (Credit: Sunrise)

Kochie’s naughty dig comes amid a ratings downtown for TODAY which many are seeing as a humiliation for the Nine network.

The show on Tuesday produced its direst ratings since the controversial host came back on board, earning just 173,000 viewers in the metro market.

David Koch
Kochie loves a joke (Credit: Sunrise)

Meanwhile Sunrise hit 272,000 metro viewers, and the ABC’s decidedly less commercial News Breakfast outpaced Karl with 178,000.

This is the second day in a row that TODAY has sunk beneath the waves in the highly competitive breakfast TV market, with the latest numbers beneath the average brought in by the prior team of Deborah Knight and Georgie Gardner.

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