Meet The Contestants Of Alone Australia Season 2

These 10 Australians will test their survival skills.
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The highly anticipated second season of survival competition series Alone premiers this week on SBS and SBS On Demand.

WATCH: Alone Australia S2 Trailer

From seasoned survivalists to daring novices, take a closer look at this season’s 10 brave contestants!

Alone Australia Season 2 premiers Wednesday March 27 on SBS and SBS On Demand.

Alone contestant Andreas standing outdoors wearing a red and black coat in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


Having grown up in Sweden, Andreas is no stranger to the cold! But the punishing rain and humidity of New Zealand’s South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu) will present new challenges for this city-based personal trainer and subsistence hunter.

“I’m confident my body can handle this,” insists Andreas. Since he moved to Australia, Andreas has dedicated years to becoming an educated and skilled ethical hunter.

Alone contestant Chace standing outdoors in a green coat in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


Chace might be this year’s youngest survivalist, but the Defence Force combat engineer is not letting that stop him. “Being on Alone is a dream come true,” he says. “Growing up, I didn’t watch Bob the Builder … I’d be out trying to hunt Grandpa’s rabbits.”

As a combat engineer who explored and surveyed unknown environments for strategic assessment, Chace can think tactically and pivot quickly – critical skills for adapting to the foreign land.

Alone contestant Jack wearing a dark grey coat standing outdoors in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


As a devoted dad whose two grown daughters are now both independent, Jack finally has the time for this big solo adventure. The self-employed tradesman has been hunting and fishing by himself since his family moved to Australia from Chile when he was a child.

Jack has a wide range of skills that he hopes to put to the test as he improvises and innovates out in the wilderness. “I have been asked if I’m afraid of being out in the bush alone with all the scary things out there,” Jack says. “My answer? I am the scary thing.”

Alone contestant Jason standing outdoors in a dark blue coat in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


A proud Yanyuwa, Waanyi/Garawa man and Jungayi (carer for Country), Jason has immersed himself in strength, support and resilience work – which he says has given him key tools to succeed here.

In early adulthood, the former rugby player/coach turned youth worker connected with family and community on his mother’s country of Borroloola, where he practised traditional methods of hunting, fishing and foraging. Jason also spent his childhood camping with his dad.

Alone contestant Krzysztof standing outdoors in a dark coat in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


Raised in a Polish refugee family and with a rich history of rebellion and resilience in his genes, Krzysztof has always thought outside the box. The aquaculturist has niche interests in stone, metal and leatherwork, and medieval combat.

He says, “My strongest trait is my stubbornness. I’m going to sit in the cold … in the rain. I’m going to push through this. I’m going to wait until my loved one taps me on the shoulder and tells me I’ve won.”

Alone contestant Leanne standing outdoors in a dark brown coat in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


Leanne’s love of the bush is a direct result of an upbringing spent largely in Barkandji practice, living on Country and fishing and foraging with family.

A proud Barkandji woman who works as a World Heritage Aboriginal Programs Officer, Leanne is passionate about her community and preserving culture and artefacts.

Her outdoor skills have been tested on dry, open, red dirt bush. The South Island is the exact opposite – a wet, dense and dark rainforest.

Alone contestant Mike standing outdoors in a dark brown jumper in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


After playing rugby union for the Waratahs, Mike turned his focus to outdoor resilience coaching and mental toughness programming. He runs training workshops for boys, men and elite sporting teams.

Over the last 30 years, Mike has taken ‘reconnection time’ to immerse himself in nature and live self-sustainably off the land. “I’m confident I’ve got what it takes to win. The ability to handle pain and discomfort is my super-power,” he says.

Alone contestant Rick with a long grey beard, wearing a dark green jumper standing outside in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


Enlisting in the military at age 17, Rick then joined the SAS and spent more than eight years learning all forms of extreme survival.

He is also an unlikely social media star. His TikTok account has amassed more than 1.3 million likes and 176,000 followers. Rick affectionately refers to his fans as ‘Bushtokkers’.

Alone contestant Suzan wearing a camoflauge hooded jacket standing outside in a cold environment with a body of water behind her.
(Credit: SBS)


Living off-grid in Victoria with her husband and two dogs, this wilderness adventure guide signed up for Alone “to show that an older woman can use wisdom and experience to compensate for declining physical strength”.

Alone contestant Tamika wearing a green jumper and holding a pouch of arrows standing in a cold environment.
(Credit: SBS)


As the daughter of a bushman, hunting, fishing, and camping were part and parcel of Tamika’s childhood. The former police officer is vegetarian, so hunting and killing animals will be her toughest test.

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