“Move on” MAFS’ Sara hits out at ex-groom Tim

And fellow MAFS stars have weighed in on the feud.
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If there’s one thing we know about Married At First Sight, it’s that the drama doesn’t stop once the season is over.

In fact, things truly heat up when the reality stars regain control of their social media accounts.

Case in point, a new video from MAFS star Tim Calwell has ignited a feud with his ‘ex-wife’ Sara Mesa.

Panning to a car sticker which read “Warning: 100% that b*tch,” Tim cryptically remarked that the accessory reminded him of “someone”.

mafs tim calwell reel
Tim’s video sparked a response from Sara. (Credit: Instagram)

This comment didn’t go down well with Sara, who took to her own Instagram to respond.

“Imagine being out of a relationship for months, but still thinking about me, still including me in your Reels, still including me in comments and making petty subliminal messages about me,” the ‘bride’ said on her story.

“You’re not over it. Time to move on, sweetie, because I have.”

MAFS bestie Lauren Dunn jumped to Sara’s defense, saying she was “shocked” by Tim’s video considering it was supposed to be about his girlfriend.

“If I was her, I’d be hurt that he’s still referencing his ex,” Lauren said, as per Yahoo! Lifestyle.

mafs sara and tim in the experiment
Sara and Tim made it all the way to final vows, but eventually parted ways. (Credit: Nine)

Tim addressed Sara’s comments in a statement to Yahoo!, reminding fans that he didn’t specify anyone in his video.

“It seems like everyone is projecting their own thoughts onto my reel,” he added.

“I like talking about my life experiences, regardless of if that chapter in my life is closed. MAFS is certainly a unique experience and I’ll likely keep sharing mine.”

The back-and-forth didn’t end there as fellow MAFS stars weighed in on the drama.

mafs sara and lauren
Sara is good friends with Lauren, whom she met on MAFS. (Credit: Instagram)

Eden Harper, who seemed close with Sara during their time in the experiment, suggested there were “double standards” involved, referring to instances when Sara and Lauren name-called MAFS cast members.

“It’s only unacceptable & wrong when @timcalwell does it?” she queried. “The double standards are laughable.”

The reality star, who was ‘married’ to Jayden Eynaud on the show, was backed up by Lauren’s ‘ex-husband’ Jonathan McCullough who wrote: “Nailed it. Double standard queens.” 

Lauren clarified her issue with Tim’s comment, saying: “I think what the cast doesn’t get is the use of violent, misogynist language to women.

“We all insulted each other constantly, it’s the specific language deeply rooted in sexism that needs to be considered.”

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