The shock reason why Matt Agnew is the new Bachelor

It’s all part of a bigger plan

He might look like superman. But does Matt Agnew actually have super powers?

Well, that’s exactly what those working behind-the-scenes on The Bachelor are hoping.


According to our Bachie insider, producers decided to sign up the unknown astrophysicist to make
up for the disaster that was Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins.

Fans of the franchise were left furious last year when the former AFL star made Australian Bachelor
history by choosing NO-ONE during the finale episode, despite claiming he was on the show to find
the woman of his dreams.

The Bachelor 2019
“The Honey Badger” left fans furious on last year’s The Bachelor (Credit: Network Ten)

“A lot of fans are still annoyed at how things ended with Nick,” dishes our spy.

“As viewers, not only do you invest your time watching every single episode two nights a week, but
you invest in those individuals who are on the show, too.

“You listen to their stories of past heartbreak and how they’ve been unable to find a partner since and you genuinely want to see them fall in love. What happened with Nick was a shock to the system and fans felt ripped off.”

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Now, in a bid to make it up to the public and hopefully increase ratings, producers have ditched the
celebrities and have instead opted for someone more relatable.

“Choosing Matt is a strategic move,” explains our source.

“The novelty of watching a celeb search for love has worn off and producers figured that out pretty
quickly after Nick’s finale and all the backlash that came with it. Let’s face it, we all know that Sophie
(Monk) and Nick could easily find love without a reality show.”

The insider adds: “Matt is a normal, decent guy who is genuinely looking to meet someone. Producers see this as a way of giving the public what they failed to give them last year – A happily ever after!”

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