Where to score iconic blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson’s, new book ‘Love, Pamela’

The actress and activist's new venture is the latest celebrity memoir to hit shelves.
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This year seems to be the one where celebrities and public figures are taking control of their own stories and going off script to deliver us with first-person accounts of their life. 

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First, we saw Prince Harry’s Spare in which the royal delved into the trials and tribulations of growing up in the royal spotlight, his marriage with Meghan Markle and their rocky relationship with the working royals.

Now, blonde bombshell, actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is taking control of her own story with the release of her first ever book Love, Pamela. 

Where and when to buy Love, Pamela

The book launches on January 31st 2023 and can be purchased from Booktopia, Dymocks and Amazon here in Australia. 

ORDER ‘LOVE, PAMELA’ NOW (Credit: Booktopia)

What can we expect?

Pam’s book is described as part memoir, part poetry and goes into her life in the spotlight ever since she was discovered in the bleachers of a football game in 1989. 

The original tabloid star, Pamela Anderson’s rise to fame catapulted her into becoming a household name and international sex symbol, even culminating in the creation of the controversial biopic mini series Pam & Tommy, which surrounded her tumultuous marriage with rockstar Tommy Lee

However, Love, Pamela is set to allow Pam to tell her story in her own words, and includes her childhood in Vancouver, family life, her passion for animal activism and her love of the arts and literature. 

Although the book has only just debuted, bombshell leaks include a passage regarding claims that film star Tim Allen allegedly exposed himself to Pam on the set of 90s sitcom Home Improvement. As well as her stumbling into a raunchy encounter between Shining star Jack Nicholson and multiple women at the Playboy mansion. 

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‘Love, Pamela’ is said to be a deeply moving autobiography, injected with original poetry, that sets the star apart from her life in the international spotlight and accounts of her return home to Canada. 

We can’t wait to hear the ins and outs of Hollywood and delve into the mind of Pamela Anderson, and as this book launches January 31 2023, here’s how you too can get your hands on the much sought-after memoir. 

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