US report: David and Victoria: ‘It’s over’

Publication claims the couple are calling it quits after 18 years of marriage

David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage has endured a lot over the years, but now their 18-year marriage is on the rocks, claims US OK! magazine today, in a sensational report. 

According to the publication, the couple are reportedly set to be the latest Hollywood couple to get caught up in a messy divorce. ‘They’ve been growing apart for some time,’ a source tells the magazine.

‘They’re barely in the same city, and when they are, they’re focused more on the kids than their own relationship. At this point, they’re leading separate lives.’

David Beckham
David was spotted getting cosy with Bella Hadid. (Credit: Getty Images)

The couple reportedly have fought over where they should spend most of their time. Victoria runs her fashion business out of London but David prefers his laid-back lifestyle in LA.

‘They couldn’t agree on which city to make their home base, so they just settled on spending most of their time apart,’ the source claims to the publication.

What’s more, Victoria allegedly felt humiliated after David was spotted getting cosy with model Bella Hadid at a soccer match in Paris Last month, outrageously claims US OK!

‘She worries about other women throwing themselves at him, and that may have been the last straw,’ reveals the source.

‘Seeing a gorgeous young model chatting up your husband is just rubbing salt in her wounds by now.’

Neither David nor Victoria have yet responded to OK!‘s claims, but in the past they have vehemently denied any trouble in their marriage. Friends insist they remain happily married. 

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