Turia Pitt tells all about recent health scare

The inspirational burns survivor has urged her fans to “stop putting things off”
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Turia Pitt has taken to her Instagram to shed light on a recent health scare, the 35-year-old admitting she had struggled with the ailment for “years.” 

Sharing the concerning news with her one million followers, Turia revealed that had a “weird growth” on her tongue for a number of years that she never got around to asking a doctor about. 

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“I used to have this really weird growth on my tongue that I recently got cut out,” said Turia. 

The public figure then urged her fans to “stop putting things off” as she had before adding: “The hardest part of any task is….starting. Like, starting the process of getting my tongue looked at,” she continued. 

“I had this little bump on it for years…and I put off getting it looked at for far too long.”

Turia has a message for her fans: “Stop putting things off!” (Credit: Instagram)

Whilst presumably the surgery to remove the growth went well, this isn’t the first time Turia has spent time in hospital due to poor health, after being left in “unbearable” pain after a freak accident with a sewing needle in May 2022. 

Sharing the story to her Instagram once more, Turia revealed that she had stepped on the needle. 

“Once I’d recovered from the initial shock and pain (and had finished rolling around on the bed like a marinated pork chop, swearing loudly), I scoured the floor, searching for the culprit,” Turia wrote at the time. 

“There it was, sticking out of the carpet, like a soldier about to go into battle. ‘You absolute pr*ck;’ I said to it, casting my eye balefully over its dismembered body. All but a third remained.”

Examining her tongue. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite having two-thirds of the needle into her foot, Turia waited a full day before going to the hospital. 

“I was half expecting them to say ‘You silly sausage, it’s just a bruise’,” the motivational speaker wrote. “But instead they said, ‘Wow, it’s really deep’.”

Not only was the needle still in Turia’s foot, but it was also resting on a nerve amongst her bones to the point where the athlete required surgery.

“I had an operation to remove the needle and woke up feeling like my foot was on fire,” Turia added on her blog. “But each hour that passed after that, I got better and better. I needed less pain medication because I was getting better, my head fog cleared, and I was no longer thinking about the pain.”

Two thirds became embedded in Turia’s foot in a freak accident in 2018. (Credit: Instagram)

Prior to that, Turia’s last operation was in September 2018 where the inspirational burns survivor had surgery to fix a ‘burn contracture’ on her hand and foot. 

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