Tracey Jewel announces she’s moving away from Australia with partner Patrick Kedemos

'Sometimes you just need to lift off.'

Married At First Sight star Tracey Jewel announced just weeks ago that she had reunited with ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos, and now the couple have shared even more major news. 

Taking to her Instagram account, the This Goddess Means Business author wrote: ‘Sometimes you just need to lift off and travel somewhere new!

‘So excited to be embarking on a trip with Patrick and our family starting with a European Cruise and travelling to Africa, Germany, Poland and Lebanon! 🙈😬’

The controversial reality star also took to her Instagram stories to share a snap of the pair, captioning: ‘Feeling so blessed #traveltime.’ 

Instagram/Tracey Jewel
(Credit: Instagram/Tracey Jewel)

The two recently spoke exclusively to WHO magazine and shared amazing news. 

Speaking to the publication, the couple reveal that they dated before Tracey began filming for Channel Nine’s hit dating show. The pair recently reconnected at an Anthony Robbins seminar in Cairns—and haven’t looked back since. 

Tracey, told WHO, ‘I have no regrets because it got me to this point today and I feel like everything is just aligning now. I feel like I’m living a fairytale, to be honest.

Tracey, and Patrick, who has two children from a previous marriage, chatted with WHO about moving in together, marriage and Married At First Sight. 

Patrick tells, ‘We’ve always been in each other’s lives since we met and we are very happy to come back to each other.’ 

When probed about the ‘public criticism’ Tracey had received since the two announced their re-coupling, Patrick reveals that he is the only guy who can ‘handle’ the controversial reality star.

‘She needs a strong man and she knows, to a large extent, that I’m the only guy who could handle her,’ he told WHO. 

Tracey adds that her relationship to Patrick is different to the one she shared with fellow MAFS co-stars Dean Wells and Sean Thomsen. 

‘When you do that show, you can get confused with what is real-life and what isn’t,’ she tells.

‘I know Patrick is real but I couldn’t say the same for Sean and Dean. Sometimes, I didn’t know the difference between what was real and what was for TV or for media opportunities.

‘When you’re questioning your relationship based on what’s real and what isn’t, that is not normal. I don’t have to question anything with Patrick because he’s so stable. He is such a rock.’

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