The Voice’s G-Nat!on divides fans over their audition

“The voice or the voices?"
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Fans have seen duos and pairs take to The Voice stage before but never a six-piece girl band.

G-Nat!on wowed the judges as with their power-house rendition of 5 Seconds of Summer hit Teeth on Sunday night as they made history as the show’s biggest group to perform on the reality series.

WATCH: G-Nat!on audition for The Voice

Isla Ward, 17, Taylah Silvestri, 18, Emma Caporaso, 18, Mateja Sardelis, 16, Alessia Musolino, 17 and Rylee Vormelker, 17 turned the chairs of Jess and Rita almost immediately shortly followed by both Keith and Guy.

With four-chair turns there’s no doubt the girl group dazzled the coaches, Rita even getting up on stage before saying she wanted to become their seventh member.

However, fans watching on at home were divided over the audition with some questioning whether it was fair to have a group compete on the show.

Fans were divided over the impressive performance. (Credit: Seven)

“I like @TheVoiceAU but am already feeling a bit annoyed that a GROUP auditioned. It’s not fair when it’s meant to be individual voices,” one fan wrote.

How do you compare one voice with a group who can sing harmonies & create a different stage presence?” a second asked.

“The voice or the voices? Needs to be a seperate category for groups,” a third penned.

Other were excited by the talented group. (Credit: Seven)

Other fans were, much like the judges, in awe of the women, with some even defending the backlash from other viewers.

“You could do Australia’s Got Talent but there really isn’t a show for singers anymore but The Voice,” one wrote.

“Never been a girl group like this in Aus before I don’t think! WOW!! I am seriously impressed with these girls G-NAT!ON is the nation to be in,” a second commented.

Rita gave one hell of a pitch. (Credit: Seven)

With a very compelling pitch from coach Rita Ora, the six women chose to go with the international star.

“You guys are honestly so exciting for me, and I feel like this is the beginning of my life. I feel so excited I can’t even speak,’ she said.

‘I swear to you, if you come with me I promise I will take you all the way. You guys have it, and I see it. The whole thing from the style to the sass, to the swag. I will help you navigate this ship that you are on – and it’s not going to sink on Team Rita.’

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