The Masked Singer Australia 2020: Who is Dragonfly?

Fingers keep being pointed at one famous Aussie…
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The Masked Singer is the show has everyone yelling guesses at their TV screens.

It’s time to put your thinking cap on and wade through Network Ten’s cryptic clues and start guessing which celebrities are behind the elaborate costumes – and the task is tougher than you may think!

WATCH: The Masked Singer: Who is Dragonfly?

A motley crew of 12 celebrities will battle it out on stage to be crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia for 2020 – a feat Cody Simpson managed to achieve last year during its inaugural season.

So far The Echidna has unmasked as tennis star Mark Philippoussis, Hammerhead’s unlikely identity was cricket legend Michael Bevan and Christine Anu was Goldfish’s shock reveal

Left to battle it out are Dragonfly, Frillneck, Wizard, Cactus, Queen, Sloth, Bushranger, Puppet and Kitten.

The Masked Singer Dragonfly
“I may be classically trained, but I’m famous for some other moves,” Dragonfly teases. (Credit: Network Ten)

Who is Dragonfly?

The first clue dropped about Dragonfly was “I may be classically trained, but I’m famous for some other moves.”

In episode one, she performed Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours while more clues were revealed.

“Why am I the Dragonfly? Because I’m always on the move stopping briefly then moving again. But that is my reality. Am I a triple threat? Quadruple? Quintuple? Dragonflies aren’t a threat to anybody,” the clues teased.

“I just want the world to be a kinder place. It could be hard to have my voice heard above the crowd, but I always found a way.

“Being well known isn’t always wonderful. I’ve had my share of tumbles in life and they can be embarrassing in a lot of ways. But you just have to laugh and move on. After all, it’s not a disaster like The Titanic. What do I want to be when I grow up? I don’t think Dragonflies ever grow up.

Sophie Monk
Fans are convinced Sophie (pictured) is Dragonfly but she insists it’s not her. (Credit: Instagram)

The clues continued, with this hint: “I live my life openly but I can’t be responsible for what other people say.”

Viewers are so far adamant that Sophie Monk is behind the beautiful, multi-coloured costume, but the former Bardot star insists it’s not her.

“Every reality show, people think I’m on it. Singing live on stage would be a massive thing for me,” Sophie told Now To Love when asked outright if she was Dragonfly.

“Jackie O thought it was me too! She asked if it was me. I said ‘Do they have to sing live?’ and she said yes, and I was like ‘Good luck getting me to sing live! I’m not going to wear that thing on my head and sing live!'”

Masked Singer judges
Pictured left to right: The Masked Singer’s Dannii Minogue, Urzila Carlson, Osher Gunsberg, Dave Hughes and Jackie O Henderson. (Credit: Network Ten)

Who are The Masked Singer judges?

Thanks to travel restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 global crisis, international judge Lindsay Lohan was unable to return for the second season and was instead replaced by comedian Urzila Carlson. All other judges, Jackie O Henderson, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue returned to the panel.

Who hosts The Masked Singer Australia?

There’s no rest for poor Osher Gunsberg at Network Ten! Fresh from his stint hosting Bachelor in Paradise, the talented TV personality is back fronting The Masked Singer Australia two nights a week. And if you didn’t think he was busy enough – never fear, he’s hosting The Bachelor Australia two of the other nights of the week.

When does The Masked Singer air?

The Masked Singer airs every Monday and Tuesday night at 7.30pm on Network Ten.

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