The Block’s Kristy and Brett don’t regret playing the villains

"This is fun to us."
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The “villains” of The Block, Kristy and Brett, have doubled down on “playing dirty.”

Appearing on Today Extra this morning, the couple expressed that causing drama has been “fun” this season. 

Turns out “ruffling feathers” was their game plan all along… but does the public agree with their explanation?

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Brett was asked if their fellow Blockheads knew they were talking about them on the show, to which he responded: “Everyone did know that. I felt a little bit guilty because everyone was so nice that I was like, ‘Hey, heads up. I’ve been talking a lot of crap on you’.”

But he didn’t back down on playing dirty.

“I just wanted to be fully transparent with them. Be prepared. We wanted to do that and I think we’re doing quite well,” he said.

Kristy backed up her partner by saying: “Someone had to be the villain, right?”

When asked if their behaviour is the same off-screen as it is on-screen, both contestants replied “no” at the same time. 

“The thing is, this is fun to us,” Brett explained.

Kristy and Brett wearing their ‘Make The Block Great Again’ hats. (Credit: Channel 9)

Sunday night’s episode left Kristy and Brett seeing red, after Liberty and Eliza won for the very first time.

Kristy stormed off the set, grabbing her ‘Make The Block Great Again’ red cap.

She was left unimpressed over the sister’s supposed special treatment, including when Liberty was driven around by foreman Dan after concerns for her safety due to building throughout the night. Not to mention, when Scotty Cam gave the girls an additional $500 for being the “most improved team.”

This isn’t the first time Kristy and Brett have gone up against Blockheads, facing off against Steph as early as episode six when she brought her dad in to help. At the time, Kristy and Brett called a body corporate meeting with Ash and Leah, outlining the rules that Steph and Gian broke. 

Of this encounter, Leah has spoken out about Kristy since filming.

“I did not know Kristy actively had a plan to mess with Steph,” she told our sister site Woman’s Day.

Foreman Dan, AKA Chauffeur Dan. (Credit: Channel 9)

Steph revealed that she didn’t know about the target on her back on the Maz and Matty show.

“I didn’t realise how big of a target I did have. I really just take friends at face value, like what you say is what you mean to my face. I didn’t really understand that someone would be plotting something behind my back,” she said.

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