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Thank God You're Here to rewatch the best episodes
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Thank God You’re Here was one of the funniest TV shows on Australian television in the early 2000s.

We remember bingeing all the episodes when friends came over, watching day turn to night and night to day it was that good. So you can imagine how excited we are that it’s back 14 years later! 

If you can’t wait for the second episode of the new season, here are our four favourite episodes you can have a laugh reminiscing on.

1. Hamish Blake gets dobbed in by the police: S3, E2

It’s hard not to smile when Hamish Blake tries to stop the policeman from getting into his disapproving parent’s house. 

After trying to pretend that he hired protection for the kids jealous of him at band practice, it’s revealed that he’s actually been doing wheelies in a car (note: he doesn’t have his licence… or a car.)

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2. Shaun Micallef ruins a fancy picnic in the woods: S3, E3

When Shaun Micallef tries to drag the original presenter, Shane Bourne, into the scene, you know you’re going to have a good time. 

This feels like the perspective of the men from Bridgerton, cross with the craziness of the chimney sweepers from Mary Poppins. If they tried to hunt politicians that is…

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3. Josh Lawson Is The Worst Submarine Captain S4, E7

Josh Lawson is a name we haven’t heard in ages and we’re so glad we discovered him again! From saying we’re going to die, to calling Germany ‘Ger’ and not knowing how to use a periscope, we can safely say he’d make the worst submarine caption… 

But one of the best TGYH guests on the show. Petition for him to come back on the show!

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4. Julia Zemiro gets searched by airport security: S5, E1

Travelling to the present, in the newest episode it feels like we’re back in the 2000s with original TGYH star Julia Zemiro back at Thank God You’re Here!

It’s like Julia’s never left with her comments about the suspicious white substance, the real life snake, and throwing her husband under the bus/ or should we say plane?

We were all shocked about the snake, don’t worry Julia! (Credit: Network Ten)

What was your favourite Thank God You’re Here episode? Who knows, the new season could replace your fav!

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Catch up on the first episode of the fifth season of Thank God You’re Here on Network Ten, streaming a new episode every Wednesday.

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