Terri Irwin’s sweet tribute to Steve

"Remember Steve and his infectious passion!"
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It’s been fourteen years since the tragic passing of Steve Irwin, but Terri Irwin is still finding heartwarming ways to honour the crocodile hunter’s memory.

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The entire Irwin clan, including Bindi’s husband Chandler Powell, have gone on one last hurrah before a baby joins the gang.

And, in true Irwin fashion, the wildlife warriors shared many stunning photos of their latest adventure to their respective social media.

Even Terri Irwin, who doesn’t have an Instagram, posted some sweet snaps on her Twitter account. And the pics included a familiar face.

Irwin family Uluru
The Irwin clan have visited sacred site Uluru. (Credit: Instagram)

After Australia’s favourite family made the trip to the Northern Territory to visit the sacred site of Uluru, Bindi posted a sweet snap of the family – along with her burgeoning baby bump – to her Instagram.

“Experiencing the heart of Australia together was such a blessing. Uluru is truly extraordinary.” the 22-year-old penned. 

Her husband Chandler also shared a sweet selfie of the young couple in front of the sacred rock, deeming it “a truly special place”.

The youngest Irwin, Robert, marked the trip by telling his Instagram followers he was “very lucky to live in Australia and have places like this right in our backyard”.

Meanwhile, Irwin matriarch Terri commemorated the trip in a slightly different way, honouring her late husband in the process.

Terri Steve Uluru
Terri shared a sweet snap of a pop vinyl Steve standing in front of the sacred site. (Credit: Twitter)

Heading to Twitter, Terri shared two snaps of the incredible Uluru, both with a pop vinyl of Steve Irwin, holding a yellow snake and wearing his signature khaki uniform, placed in the forefront of the frame.

Terri kept it simple for the caption, writing “Uluru. The heart of Australia.”

Fans were obviously delighted to see the touching tribute, flooding the wildlife warrior’s replies with an outpour of love for the crocodile hunter.

“Love you, Steve!” wrote one user.

“I love this funko pop. It’s probably the only one I’ll ever own. (Steve) was a big part of my childhood,” added another.

Bindi Chandler Uluru
Bindi and Chandler are becoming closer and closer to welcoming their mini wildlife warrior. (Credit: Instagram)

“I am not a collector of the figures but have to have Steve with the snake and the crocodile. They make me smile and remember Steve and his infectious passion!” chimed in a third.

In her sweet post, Terri also included a link to the Australia Zoo online shop where the family are selling a bunch of memorabilia to help fund their wildlife conservation efforts.

Perhaps Bindi can add one of the Steve pop vinyls to her new nursery, so her future baby can remember her late Grandfather and all the good he did for Australia and the world.

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