Sam Mac reveals: My heartbreak and why I’m REALLY single

New Idea's new weekly columnist! The Gold Logie-nominated Sunrise weatherman opens up about everything
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It’s all happening for Sam McMillan. The beloved Sunrise weatherman – affectionately known as Sam Mac – is at the top of his game.


More popular than ever, the 37-year-old is in the race for a coveted Gold Logie, making history as the first ever Sunrise presenter to be nominated for the award.

And with another year and a half left on his contract, the Adelaide-born joker’s career is only set to continue to rise!

However, everything comes at a cost, something Sam – New Idea’s new weekly columnist – knows only too well.

“A lot of why I’m single is because of my dedication to my work,” he tells New Idea.

“Particularly with this role, the travel means I’m probably only home a couple of days a week.

“It’s the sort of role that it’s not good to look too far ahead because it is too overwhelming. If I looked at the next two months of my schedule I would be freaking out.”

According to Sam, he reserves most of the space in his heart for his one true love, his rescue Burmilla cat, Coco.

“Oh, she’s the best,” he gushes, patting the Insta-famous feline.

Speaking candidly about his busy life, Sam, says he’s an “open book”, and he’s about to reveal all to New Idea readers with his new weekly column documenting his travels for Sunrise.

Providing a sneak peek into his private life, Sam reveals all on everything from his Gold Logie nomination, becoming a dad, his famous friends and what Sunrise co-hosts Sam Armytage and David ‘Kochie’ Koch are really like.

(Credit: New Idea)

On dating…

When you’re away so much and then you get home, you want to sleep or you want to catch up with a mate who you haven’t seen for months. It sounds like I’m making excuses, but, having said that, I am very fussy.

To be honest, I’m extraordinarily picky because I know exactly what I want. I could give you a long list. I’ve had a long-term relationship which was great, seven years, and we’re still friends, she’s a big part of my life. But I think when that ended, and I’ve had quite a few years now of being single, it means that if I don’t have something that’s that or better than that (then what’s the point) …

I’m not one of those people that feels I need to be in a relationship. I’ve met really nice girls who might be interested, and my friends and family say, “What is wrong with you? She’s great. What are you doing?” And it’ll be one little thing about her that will make say, “Oh, but blah, blah, blah.”

I still might date someone for a little bit, but I’m not someone to kind of jump and tell people on social media until I’m really 100 per cent about it.

On becoming a dad…

Yeah, I’d love to have kids one day. Absolutely.

I’d be an annoying dad. But that would be part of the fun of it, I think. To embarrass them and … at the moment

I already embarrass myself. So, it would be nice to have someone else to embarrass.

On his Gold Logie nomination…

There have been a lot of elements to it that have been quite mind-blowing, to be honest. No-one from Sunrise has ever been nominated for it. Ever. I’m the only Seven person nominated for Gold.

And I’m also still reasonably new to TV, in terms of full-time. My background is radio and now I’ve been with Sunrise for three-and-a-half years, so it’s really nice.

On being BFF with Dr Chris Brown…

I love it. Chris is one of my really close friends. We have a lot of shared experiences with work and with the craziness of the industry, and we have worked with a lot of the same people and putting shows together. But also, he’s just a legendary person. He’s a funny, nice person who, even if he wasn’t a famous vet or whatever, chiselled jawline and all of that – looks as though he’s been designed by a computer program – even if he wasn’t all of those things, I would still be hanging out with him and be friends with him.

On his Sunrise co-hosts…

They are genuine. I know that I’m supposed to say that but they really are. The thing that people don’t realise is that I don’t see them very often, face-to-face. Honestly, on average once a month. And the reason there’s a disconnect there is people who watch the show see me with them every day. Seven or eight times. So, they think that we’re having breakfast together, hanging out on the weekends together. But it’s just … It’s a schedule and it’s a travel thing.


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For more, see this week’s New Idea, out now! Sam is New Idea’s new weekly columnist.


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