Should you tell your kids when they’re rubbish at something?

Comedian Em Rusciano says we should stop praising our kids when they 'suck' in a game or performance.

Em Rusciano is used to being judged on her performances.

And the former Australian Idol star believes our kids should be similarly appraised when they perform or play a game.

‘We need to stop making congratulatory statements that fail to reflect their true ability, or in some cases lack of any ability,’ writes Em following her daughter’s end of term assembly.

Em says after watching the school rock band perform Beat It by Michael Jackson, she thought the performance was rubbish. She told her daughter: ‘I’m proud that you even had the balls to get on the stage in front of 500 people but you didn’t acknowledge any of those people. You looked dead on the inside! I’ve seen you give better performances on the Wii at home.’

Em goes on to say her daughter didn’t fall apart. 

What do you think? Do we praise kids too much?

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