20 Things You Never Knew About Shelley Craft

As she gears up for a Saturday Disney revival!

Shelley Lorraine Illif – better known as Shelley Craft – is an Australian actress and TV presenter who is one of the country’s most popular media personalities.

Shelley rose to fame on the kids TV show Saturday Disney which ran on Channel Seven from 1996 until 2002.

She went on to appear on The Great Outdoors from 2002 to 2007, as well covering the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, the Australian Open and the Melbourne Cup for six years running.

Shelley was the host of Perfect Match Australia in 2002, Guinness Book of World Records in 2005 and Carols in the Domain in 2006.

Since 2007, Craft has been a host on the Nine Network, co-presenting shows like Domestic Blitz with celebrity carpenter Scott Cam.

She has also presented Aussie TV classics The Block, Saturday Showdown, Reno Rumble, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and Big Brother Australia.

New Idea reveals 20 things you never knew about Australia’s TV darling!

shelley craft 2002
Shelley Craft in 2002 (Credit: Getty Images)

What age is Shelley Craft?

Shelley was born on June 21, 1976 in Brisbane, Australia.

She is one of four children.

What is Shelley Craft’s net worth?

According to Celeb Financial Wealth, as of 2014 Shelley’s net worth was estimated to be $8 million AUD.

Her current net worth is thought to be between $8 and 10 million AUD.

How tall is Shelley Craft?

No information is available about Shelley Craft’s height.

Shelley at the 2003 Melbourne Cup
Shelley at the 2003 Melbourne Cup (Credit: Getty Images)

Who was Shelley Craft’s first husband?

In 2001 Shelley married her childhood sweetheart, marketing expert first husband Bret de Billinghurst.

The couple divorced in 2007.

What caused Shelley Craft’s divorce?

The reason for Shelley’s divorce from Bret has not been publicised.

Who is Shelley Craft married to?

In 2009 Shelley married Christian Sergiacomi – a cameraman at Channel Nine – at their holiday home in Byron Bay.

Shelley and Christian first lived in Melbourne and later relocated to Byron Bay.

Shelley and husband Christiano Sergiacomi in 2014
Shelley and husband Christian Sergiacomi in 2014 (Credit: Getty Images)

Where is Shelley Craft’s house?

In 2018 Shelley and husband Christian completed the renovation of their home in Byron Bay.

The couple designed their home with natural materials like timber and bright pastel colours including yellow and orange in keeping with their relaxed, holistic outlook on life.

Is Shelley Craft on Instagram?

Yes, Shelley is on Instagram under the name @shelleycraftofficial.

Shelley in Sydney, 2004
Shelley in Sydney, 2004 (Credit: Getty Images)

Is Shelley Craft pregnant?

No, Shelley Craft is not pregnant.

Does Shelley Craft have any children?

Yes, Shelley and husband Serge are parents to two daughters Milla Grace – now eight-years-old, born 2010 – and six-year-old Eadie Rose (born 2012).

Of motherhood, Shelley told Mamamia in 2016: “At the end of the day you go to bed and you can start fresh the next day no matter what’s happened. And I think that goes with your attitude to work and family life and to everything really – just let it go.”

Does Shelley Craft have any tattoos?

No, Shelley does not have any tattoos.

Has Shelley Craft had plastic surgery?

In 2016, Shelley revealed that despite living in the public eye for most of her adult life, she has never had Botox and does not follow a specific diet.

What is Shelley Craft’s skin care routine?

The Block TV host previously revealed she has always shunned Botox and rarely wears makeup because “I just don’t see any need”.

Shelley Craft in 2015
(Credit: Getty Images)

What is Shelley Craft’s diet?

In 2013, Shelley told PopSugar what her ‘day on a plate’ looks like.

For breakfast, Shelley eats egg whites with tomato pasta sauce, before snacking on a cup of tea or fruit smoothie.

Lunch can be anything from a salad to a burger, and dinner is usually “protein and vegges”.

Craft admitted she indulges on weekends and has a particular weakness for desserts like apple crumble.

In 2018, Shelley told the Sunday Telegraph the secret to her trim physique is “balance”.

“I think for over 40s women or busy mums…fitness has to fit with your lifestyle or you’re never going to stick to it,” she admitted.

Craft also revealed she has taken up intermittent fasting but still allows herself the occasional treat.

How long did Shelley Craft host the Block for?

Shelley has been a co-host on home improvement/real estate reality TV show The Block since 2010.

When did Shelley Craft host The Logies? 

Shelley acted as red carpet host at the 2009, 2011 and 2015 Logies.

shelley craft
Shelley in March 2019 (Credit: Getty Images)

Has Shelley Craft ever posed nude or topless?

No, Craft has never posed nude or topless.

Where does Shelley Craft like to travel?

In a 2017 op-ed for Trip a Deal, Shelley admitted her many travel experiences “influence every single decision” she makes in life today, from styling to interior design and even her attitude to daily chores.

Shelley’s first memory of travel was taking road trips from her childhood home in Brisbane to the ski fields of New South Wales near Sydney.

Craft revealed China is the country that surprised her most and she loves the unique feel of each Chinese city.

What is Shelley Craft’s flooring range?

In 2016, Shelley leveraged her passion for interior design and DIY to launch her own flooring range called Real Living.

She told Style Curator at the time that she wanted to “include options that would appeal to a range of style, budgets and lifestyle requirements” in the collection.

The original range offered three type of timber and timber-look finishes as well as bespoke carpets, with prices starting from $19.50 per sq/m and stretching to $79 per sq/m.

Real Living was created in Germany.

What does Shelley Craft look like now?

Shelley Craft looks remarkably similar to her appearance two decades ago!

She is on social media as @shelleycraftofficial and regularly gives her 56,400 followers an insight into her professional and personal life by posting selfies at work and family photos with her daughters and husband Christian.

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