Seven Year Switch’s Ryan and Cass’ love advice to fans

Wise words!

Seven Year Switch’s Ryan and Cass have dished some advice to their social media followers about love.

In the touching Instagram post, the reality TV couple reveal they first met when they were 12-years old and were actually each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend.

Adding, ‘The year 8 romance lasted all of 3 weeks, but we remained close friends (giving each other relationship and life advice lol) until we were all grown up and realised at 27 that we enjoyed each other’s company way too much to just be friends!’

‘22 years of friendship with 6 years of romance and a beautiful family later and here we are…’


The couple finished their post with some wise words.

‘Love arrives at the most unexpected times and with the most unexpected people,’ they wrote. 

‘Always keep your heart open.’

The post comes less than a week after Ryan and Cass delivered a heartbreaking plea to ‘save the babies of our future.’

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